Winding Down

This morning I sat in bed and finished off a book, "Winter Range"; it was a page turner, and the first I had read by this author, Claire Davis. It wasn't a mystery kind of page turner, but just a beautifully written book, with long and exquisite descriptive sentences. It was a lovely way to start my day.

The day was a lazy one. I had a leisurely breakfast, enjoying the sun shining through the back windows, and reading the paper. I puttered around doing bits and pieces of various things... tidying up a bit, but nothing too strenuous, answering emails, and mostly annotating photos, as Gail was very anxious to see the birthday album. Susan kindly sent off all the photos she had taken, and I sorted them into the right places. I worked on them off and on throughout the day and evening.

I had a bowl of Bryn's pasta salad for my lunch, with a chopped hard boiled egg on top of it. Doug didn't like the bell peppers in it, so passed, but we both had a slice of my birthday …

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today I turned 60! Hard to imagine, but there I am and not at all unhappy about it. Many years ago, when the comedienne Gilda Radner was struggling with cancer, her wish was to live long enough to celebrate her 40th birthday. She didn't make it and from that time on I vowed that every birthday for me would be a true celebration. I am looking forward to turning 90.

Having said that I shall write about my perfect birthday. One of the many ways my Mom had of making us feel special (not easy with ten children in the house) was by not having us do one chore all day. No making our bed, no dishes (a huge plus as it was a long job!), no running errands, and of course a birthday dinner and homemade cake of our choice. All these years later I still feel entitled to this. Now that I have no small children in the house, it happens!

I had a phone call from the Doering/Ellis household as I was lying in bed reading. Susan wished me a very "happy birthday", Amelia wished me a "happ…

A Day At Home With Riku

Bryn dropped Riku off at 9 a.m. today. He was late to bed last night and up early this morning, so I knew he would be fading faster than usual today. I made up a big bowl of seven-grain cereal, with his favourite strawberries, and he ate it all up while sitting at the table while I ate my own breakfast. He did a little drawing and we went upstairs for a while too; at 10:30 he was sound asleep!

Riku napped for only an hour and a bit; he is having trouble sleeping longer in bed these days. I knew if I had put him in the car, or even in the stroller, he would have slept for another half hour or more, but I am so reluctant to give in to this. He settled down twice quickly after wakening before he finally got up, and was certainly cheerful. I can tell by how he wakened though that it wasn't as much sleep as he needed.

However, he was ready to eat again, and he helped me cook his breakfast... by cracking an egg, but saying "uh oh!" when some of the whites dripped, and he put t…

"Something Like That"

I was sound asleep at 7:30 this morning, dreaming about putting a big vase in the corner of a vestibule, and having it fall, when the phone rang and got me out of the fix I was in! It was Judith, calling from Delaware; I had told her I am always up by 7 a.m. and she took me at my word. Normally, that is a good rule of thumb...

Judith has been very busy travelling... out to Vancouver to attend a delayed wedding reception for her youngest son Daniel, and his wife, who were married in Mexico a few months ago. And she is on her way to Prague and the Swiss Alps soon, so it was a good time to catch up with all our news.

Riku arrived at 9:15, big smile in place, and he said "hello", answered "yes" very clearly to Judith's questions, and said a very nice "buh bye" to her too. It sure would be fun to share my grandson with all of my friends one day!

I hadn't showered, so we went right upstairs. "Riku help" make my bed, straightening the covers on…

A Quiet Sunday at Home … Mostly

I slept until 8:15 this morning! Reading until just before 1 a.m. helped I guess. Went down to check my email before showering, and found an email from Susan saying that Amelia had slept from her tuck-in at 8 p.m. until 5:30 this morning, a wonderful long nine hour stretch for Amelia! Susan thinks I am a miracle worker and wants me to come and tuck Amelia in every night for two weeks until she thinks that's how Amelia thinks her nights should go. What lovely news to waken to! Of course it might have been a fluke but at least Susan and Kevin had a good long stretch of sleep themselves.

Bryn sent out an IM saying Riku was still asleep at 8:20! Maybe there was something in the air last night! Bryn thinks it may have had something to do with the fact that Akane was still in bed with him. We chatted for a bit and then Brynnie started a chat as well, and was so amusing; he made me laugh out loud several times. When I put up a self-portrait of his from Cambridge I asked if he knew where …

Thursday … Already!

My, how this week has flown by! I had the morning to continue on with my never-ending paper work, but didn't get much accomplished once again. Candy called and we had a nice long chat, catching up on news of Michael, and my notes from Japan, and our lives in general. Glenn called on Skype but I had a terrible time with my voice bouncing back at me, so gave up, leaving he and Doug to try to solve the problem.

I had two newspapers to read this morning as I dashed out yesterday morning before reading it. I enjoy this time with the paper but it does eat up my morning at times.

Doug came with me today to pick Riku up from school; we took a different route there to see if it was any shorter. It isn't, but it is faster, as there is less traffic. Riku was happy to see his Grandpa at the door! and came out dragging his little bag behind him.

He didn't want a bite to eat, didn't want anything to drink, didn't want to sing any songs, and despite my being in the back seat with…

Friday At Home

This was an unusual Friday as I spent the entire day at home. I had considered going off to the Kabuki and/or using my pedicure certificate from Susan, but I settled in at various and sundry jobs around the house and ended up sticking to them instead.

It felt good to just sit at the computer and annotate the Japanese photos; it's time they were done! and it has been a longer and slower job because of the incorrect dates on the photo files. Next time I will set the camera to the date of my destination and not leave it in SF mode! I didn't get them all finished but came within fifty before relaxing with a cup of tea and watching taped Oprah's... also stacking up.

I continued with the ironing as well. I think the pants are reproducing up there as I don't seem to be coming to the end of this darned laundry at all this week! Since coming back from our trip I feel I have done more ironing than anything else and it is not my favourite job... but... thank you Oprah for remindi…