A Busy Thursday

Riku arrived to spend the day with us just after 8 a.m., our usual Thursday date. He was such a busy boy today... his first word when he walks in is usually "cars?" and then off he goes to get his tin of cars and trucks from his room. However, today he said "Bompa" first and then got his cars and took them to Grandpa.

He didn't want Doug to put him down for the first hour here; he had missed him and was determined to make up for lost time. We made orange juice, he napped after a big breakfast, and had water play in the house! which he thoroughly enjoyed. See photos in his album.

I gave him water with his lunch and he said "orange juice?", asking for it for the very first time. About 3 p.m. we headed off to pick up Amelia and with both children in their strollers went to Golden Gate Park... to feed the birds and to visit the children's playground. Grandpa fed the birds while Riku tried very hard to climb into the huge spouting water fountain. We walked further than we intended to, so, instead of playing in the sandbox, Riku had a nap.

Amelia didn't; she had just wakened from a nap and kept herself busy, not missing out on one thing, from her seat with a view!

I felt a new tooth in Amelia's mouth after taking her home! Tooth number four, but instead of another tooth beside the top middle one, she decided to skip over and cut the one next to it instead. We think there are lots of teeth about to pop out very soon, which explains why Amelia hasn't been sleeping much these days (see new Amelia pics in her album).

We're off to bed; all this fresh air and exercise is making Nana and Grandpa very sleepy.  :)


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