A November Sunday …

Doug and I were both awake and showered early this morning in anticipation of breakfast at "Jim's" as suggested by Bryn last night. At 8 a.m. Doug left to pick up Akane, Bryn, and Riku, while I walked briskly over there, arriving just as they had all buckled up.

We sat in a big corner booth, with a view of busy Mission Street, and ordered eggs, toast, hash browns, in various forms... Bryn and I had regular plates while Akane and Bryn chose fried egg sandwiches. Riku nibbled on some of our potatoes and toast and ate some of the Cream of Wheat with berries I had prepared for him. I took along two of his new cars and Akane had a book for him so he was happy to sit while we ate.

They all went off for a little walk along the side streets while I walked home. I often don't get a walk in on the weekends and really miss and need it; they passed me just a few blocks from home.

We moved the rest of his gifts to the living room floor and watched while Riku tore open his gifts and then waited patiently for the puzzles, tub of blocks, and cars to be taken out of their plastic wrappings. Once again, Riku reminds me so much of Bryn at this age, as he is so happy concentrating on whatever gift he has just opened that the gifts take a long time to open. He looks at each book carefully and starts to build towers with the new blocks, which was just fine; his dad helped him and we had a leisurely hour doing just that.

Riku was ready for his morning nap by then, and Doug and I read the paper, checked and answered some emails, and went off to an afternoon movie "Motorcycle Diaries", which was excellent. I had Doug drop me off at Hampshire Street as I thought Riku might like some time at the playground. He was watching a video but was very happy to put his shoes on and join me. It was busy there, with lots of children in the sandboxes and on the equipment. Riku did a little climbing and happily carried around a little car we found there. He kicked a ball around the big field too, which he loves to do, so he had lots of running around time. We were gone from 4:30 until 5:45, and it was dark when we walked home. This made airplane and moon watching very easy and Riku enjoys just sauntering along in the night, stopping to rest now and then on a stoop or two.

Akane sent me home with three freshly made inari, so I scarfed one down on the way, and since Doug and I weren't very hungry I put the other two on our plates along with the leftover Chinese food Akane had made on Friday night for us all. I had finished up the noodles yesterday, had them all to myself!, so we had delicious sweet and sour vegetables, lemon duck and the inari.

We finished off the day with a taped video, "NYPD" and I actually managed to see it all the way through, even if it was only 9 p.m. when we finished it! I'm heading off to bed now in anticipation of a very early morning.


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