A Perfect Summer Day With Riku

Summer days mean lots of fresh fruit... organic strawberries and peaches are amongst Riku's favourite foods right now, and I had a winner when I combined tapioca pudding with the peaches today. He is a Dyment male for sure!

We had a typical morning/early afternoon here... a late breakfast, nap, back yard time with his big truck, and lunch. I had promised myself that the next sunny day with Riku would be an Ocean Beach day so off we went. He fell asleep on the way over, and suspecting that he might, I took along my book and read while he napped.

As soon as he woke he spotted the big waves (it was windier than I expected it to be) so off we went, not lasting long at playing in the sand... the wind just took the bubble liquid and pulled it out in hundreds of tiny bubbles!... so I let Riku meander at will. He truly loved walking on the sand, stooping to pick up rocks, feathers, tiny crab shells, and at one point a long dry piece of seaweed which blew along behind him as he stolled. It was a lovely hour and I took lots of pictures, reminding me of the days with wee Bryn at Ocean Beach when he was this age.

Back to Nana's house for some sitting-on-the-bed-time going through a tiny box that either his Auntie Kelly or his Daddy gave to me many many years ago. It holds a broken string of pearls which fascinates him, and two pairs of clip on earrings which he has me put on and then pulls off, saying "ouch".

The day ended later than usual with story time on the sofa and a couple of rounds of "ring around a rosy" whilst checking himself out in the mirror under the mantle. What a ham! as my Mom would have said.

p.s. Riku is missing his Grandpa. Both yesterday and today, each time he started to climb the stairs up to the main floor, he stopped and asked "Grandpa?"... and I had to tell him that no, his Grandpa wasn't home yet.


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