A Perfect Sunday

Bryn suggested on Saturday that we all head off for some beach time today; I am always up for this, so off we went, sans Akane, who is still under the weather with her cold.

It's hard to describe how thrilled Riku was with this outing... he took one look at the rolling waves and was on his way out to meet them! Bryn quickly rolled Riku's jeans up past his knees, we did the same with our slacks, and all headed for the water. Riku showed no hesitation at all... no matter how cold the water was, no matter how strong the pull of the water on the sand was on our feet when the water rolled back, and even when a rogue wave completely soaked Riku it didn't faze him a bit... blink, blink, and back to it all!

Once we were thoroughly wet we headed back for the biggest and best sandbox of them all... Riku happily sat in the warm sand finding one treasure after another, feathers from the hundreds of birds swirling above us, seaweeds and kelp, shells, and hermit crab legs... so much to keep him busy and interested.

We've decided this is far too much fun to do so infrequently, so we'll be heading back out there soon.

Doug and I drove to Petaluma in late afternoon to see Iris Dement sing in a local hall there; she was just terrific and I was so glad we decided to go. All that fresh air and exercise at the beach and the late evening out made for a very good night's sleep!


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