A Perfectly Lovely Sunday

Riku spent a rare Sunday with us today and what a lovely day it was! The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and Riku was able to wander upstairs, downstairs, and in and out of the back yard at his leisure. He had lots of fun with water play in the yard, filling various buckets and containers over and over, ate lunch with his Grandpa and Nana, had two short naps, one starting in my arms... heaven!... to recharge his batteries, and ended his day at the playground, sitting happily in the sand box and doing the rounds of the grassy area with his "Bompa".

Doug and I walked him home and I changed Riku into a clean set of clothes; they were off to visit with Susan, Kevin, and Amelia. It was a perfect ending of the day for me too, as Doug took some great shots of me with Riku in his room. We have such fun together and don't have enough photos of the two of us!


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