A Quiet Day With Riku

I walked over to pick up Riku just after 9 a.m. today. His cold is still with him, but we had our usual leisurely investigative stroll over to the house.

As soon as we got his shoes off and he said hello to Grandpa, Riku carried his now-very-heavy tin of cars to the mat in the kitchen and settled in for some time with his automobiles. At one point he walked over to Doug, who was at the computer, and said "Sit?" so Doug complied and joined Riku on the mat for some one-on-one guy time.

Despite his snuffly nose Riku ate a good sized portion of hot cereal with blueberries and strawberries, and then helped me squeeze fresh orange juice for him as well. We put a pillow under the head of his bed before his nap, and when I peeked in during his morning nap he was breathing easily. I also put a big bowl of hot water in his room, so that too may have helped; his cheeks were nice and rosy and he was snuggled in with one dog and his monkey.

Doug went off to mail a letter after lunch, and took Riku along with him for some fresh air. They were gone almost an hour! There is a house under construction just up the street, so Doug put Riku in the driver's seat of a digger, and they spent some time looking at the big hole, and the other equipment, before Riku insisted on walking up the concrete stairs (a very steep block!) to the next street up. There were dogs and pine needles and new territory to explore there too, and of course the stairs to walk down at the end of it all.

After his afternoon nap, Doug set up a circus-style tent in our bedroom for Riku. We bought this for Bryn and Caillie when we were in England, and I thought that Riku would enjoy it too. I was right! He and I sat down together inside, while he ate his snack of bunny crackers, orange juice, and freshly made applesauce. He pointed out the cloth triangles and the rectangles inside the tent; shapes are of great interest to him still. As Doug set up the tent we sat on the bed and looked at a book of shapes, so the timing was perfect for big rectangles and triangles!

Riku has taken a fancy to the West Coast Indian eagle plaque in our room and wants it down so that he can touch it, and say "Hi eagle!" to it. There is also one in his bedroom which he finds fascinating as well, and a stitched owl hanging that Kelly did when she was a teenager. It's fun to see which things they are drawn to at different periods of time. He had quite a long chat on the phone too, after pushing a lot of numbers and after I checked that he hadn't actually called Australia.

Our day passed far too quickly somehow. I managed to get all of the laundry done, made the applesauce, and cleaned out the fridge, while Riku played with his letters, discovered the chicken mobile in the living room (which he can reach by climbing onto the ottoman), and just generally kept busy with his cars and the plastic blocks upstairs in our bedroom.

At 6:30 we dropped Riku off at home; his nose seemed less runny in the afternoon, and I hope the cold will soon be gone.

Doug and I went off to a lecture at a travel store, given by a young woman who left her home in Australia seven years ago to travel the world on a folding bicycle. She was very interesting, and told lots of great stories as we watched a slide show of her three months in Cuba.


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