A Quiet Sunday at Home … Mostly

I slept until 8:15 this morning! Reading until just before 1 a.m. helped I guess. Went down to check my email before showering, and found an email from Susan saying that Amelia had slept from her tuck-in at 8 p.m. until 5:30 this morning, a wonderful long nine hour stretch for Amelia! Susan thinks I am a miracle worker and wants me to come and tuck Amelia in every night for two weeks until she thinks that's how Amelia thinks her nights should go. What lovely news to waken to! Of course it might have been a fluke but at least Susan and Kevin had a good long stretch of sleep themselves.

Bryn sent out an IM saying Riku was still asleep at 8:20! Maybe there was something in the air last night! Bryn thinks it may have had something to do with the fact that Akane was still in bed with him. We chatted for a bit and then Brynnie started a chat as well, and was so amusing; he made me laugh out loud several times. When I put up a self-portrait of his from Cambridge I asked if he knew where it was taken. He instantly replied "England". When I commented on how impressed I was with his memory (it was five years ago!) he said ""grade A for the memory box!". He also said he missed me a lot, which was very nice to hear from my boy. After a bit he invited Uncle Bryn in, and then Caillie joined us, and Akane came in as well! Kelly was on for a bit with us so we had quite a conversation going on! Both children were sending me "nudges" which are very funny, and I learned how to do it too.

Akane asked if Doug and I would like to join them for breakfast as Bryn was cooking up hash browns, eggs, toast, juice and tea, but Doug was eating when the invitation came in. Too bad. Doug always eats very soon after waking though so I didn't even get to make him breakfast on his birthday; by the time I had showered and come downstairs he had finished eating.

Gail called to fill me in on their trip to Bella Coola, so agreed to call me back at 10:30 after both of us had showered. I just made it! She and Tom had a wonderful trip with so many adventures. They saw a black bear with her three cubs, walking across a road, stayed at a gorgeous hotel with wonderful food... tofu! for appetizers every night! They also saw petroglyphs, after walking up a moutain with a local native guide, and spent two not terribly comfortable nights sleeping in airplane-like seats on the boat up the coast. She took lots of photos and I sure do wish they were digital so we could see them in an online album!

Elizabeth Michels also called to see if my flight for San Diego was booked; I thought Doug had booked it yesterday, as he found a good flight for me out of SF but he hadn't. He did so immediately though and I will be going August the 4th very early in the morning, and returning home on the 8th. Should be lots of fun and we had promised to spend some time together every year. This will be two out of two, so we're on track! We're hoping Ellen will join us as she did last year, but she has been flitting about to various places all summer... Oregon, Italy, Lake Tahoe, and Santa Cruz, that she may be "tripped" out!

I spent the rest of my day working on... the paperwork! of course and actually feel I am close to finishing it up. Of course, the work will not be over when the pile is sorted as then I have to sit down and write a dozen or more letters but the hard part will be over at least.

Doug was busy working on a PEA project he had wanted to do for some time, so we both decided that a full day at home would suit us both. At 4 p.m. I took a tea break and went upstairs to watch a taped Oprah and sort through the 901 photos I ordered from Kodakgallery. I had started to iron Riku's little shirts once that was finished when who burst into the room but Riku Dyment himself.

Bryn had called not long before to see if I wanted to go over to their place to babysit him, while they go out for dinner at a friend's, but I suggested Riku coming over to us instead as I wanted to water the garden and have dinner at home. Riku and I sat upstairs reading books and playing with the castle that Doug built two days ago; it has mostly been demolished but Riku is happy to get Brynnie's four tiny firemen and put out the fires that seem to be the biggest plague of this particular castle.

While reading one book, which has a cover of a little boy getting into mischief by pulling on the toilet paper roll, Riku pointed and said looking serious, "Mommy angry" and then told me once again that he had "put chopsticks down the drain in kitchen. Mommy, Daddy angry". Bryn says he says that a couple of times a day; guess he won't be doing that again! Later on at the dinner table, Riku pretended to be angry by banging his fists on the table, but with the biggest grin you ever saw. He asked me to be angry so I pounded my fists on the table. "Grandpa be angry" said Riku, and Doug had the best reaction from Riku, as he not only banged his fists on the table but made an angry face which made Riku laugh so hard out loud. Of course he wanted it repeated over again.

We did water the garden, and emptied out some of the pool water as well. Riku sprayed my windows with the spray bottle, and checked out a dead fly very carefully. It had died on my windowsill inside the house, so I carried it out on a piece of paper so Riku could see it more easily. He was very interested, looking at it with his nose almost touching, and when he went over later on to see it, it was gone! He asked "where that dead fly go?" and I told him that maybe the wind had blown it away. Riku looked up and said "I think that fly in sky now." Perhaps.

I gave Riku a big bowl of oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries for his dinner and an hour later gave him a not-too-hard boiled egg and a half a tomato cut into cubes. He ate all but a bite of both of these. Nice to see his appetite back after yesterday; Bryn says he ate a good breakfast too.

I left the house with Riku in his stroller, as he was an obviously tired boy and I needed to get him into bed asap. We arrived home at 8 p.m., I put him on the toilet, got him into his pj's, brushed his teeth, washed his face, hands, neck, and feet to freshen him up, and read one story. It was all he could do to keep his eyes open so I was very glad he chose a short bunny book for tonight. He was sound asleep at 8:30, later than I would have liked him in bed as he had only a one hour nap today.

Bryn and Akane home from Brent's close to 11 p.m. They had a delicious dinner and Akane said it was very relaxing for her. Bryn dropped me at home, Doug was still up, I checked email, and off we went to bed.


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