A Shopping Expedition With Amelia And Riku

Susan and Amelia drove to Vacaville this morning to meet up with Doug, Riku, and me for a little shopping at the outlet mall. Both children napped on the way there, and both were still sleeping when we arrived. Once they were awake (within fifteen minutes of pulling in), they were both ready to explore these new surroundings. Susan stocked up on some great bargains for Amelia for the next few months and I shopped for Caillie's birthday.

Along the way I found a few fun gifts for Riku's birthday in November and he chose a book in the bookstore. He picked it off the shelf, insisted we sit and read it immediately and was not willing to put it down for one minute. He gave it to Grandpa to buy and then held it all the way home. It's a small activity book about firemen, a big fire truck, and a dog, with a wheel to turn, a fireman to drop down the pole, a hill for the fire truck to descend, and a couple of flaps with surprises underneath.

Amelia and Riku thoroughly enjoyed the activity table at Carter's and played there with several other children while Susan found a few more irresistable outfits for Amelia.

Off to Fresh Choice for lunch; Amelia sampled lots of different foods and was happy to sit in a high chair next to Riku and experiment with the choices offered her. Riku ate a varied meal as well, but finished off with a bowl of tapioca pudding, just like Grandpa. The children both napped again after lunch; I think the heat just knocked them out. The adults managed to deke in and out of a few more stores before heading for the city, before the big rush hour hit.

It was very hot and I had promised Riku time in the garden when we got home. I was happy to be out there with him, as it is a lot cooler here than it was in Vacaville! Riku is no longer content to just pour water from the containers to the garden; after getting his hands on that hose on the weekend he knows how to water much more efficiently. Does he love watching that spray hit everything in sight! He managed to wash a bit of the kitchen floor with just one swirl in the right direction. Riku cooled off just fine with his shorts and t-shirt soaked right through. However, the big smile on his face was worth the puddles and mud he created in a few well watered areas.

We finished off our day together with his favourite "splashy bath". Before washing Riku's hair tonight, we "washed" Robin's hair; he is the boy doll which I bought for Kelly when I was expecting Bryn.

After Grandpa showed Riku some kaleidescopes on the computer for five minutes, I walked him home, stopping along the way to admire a cat who was rolling on the sidewalk and purring. Riku was thrilled to bits to see a cat up so close and a few minutes later I passed him on to his mommy. In all, a lovely day with both of the children in my SF life!


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