A Sunday Visitor

Akane and Bryn finally took some time to go to a movie, which meant that we had an extra-special Sunday at 1361 Rhode Island Street. It was a gorgeous day, not too hot and perfect for working in the garden. Riku is always happy to assist me, so off we went with two brooms, some plastic buckets filled with water, cups, and nothing but a diaper, a shirt, and rubber sandals for him. He worked away with his water toys while I started sweeping, and, as things were looking better, Riku joined me. He kept very busy putting mounds of pollen into his truck with his hands; I transferred it into the big container and he went off to fill it up again. Riku decided some of the larger rocks ("heavy!") needed rearranging, so he spent some time figuring out which went where. We spent a good two hours outside today; we bought a new garden chair for him in Nanaimo, so that became the place for his snacks and water bottle.

As a reward for our hard work, before Riku went home, we sat at the table for another "snack" (one of Riku's favourite words, along with "Hi!", "Splash"... for a tub, and "Uh-oh!"), and he daintily ate one of his favourites, a slice of Nana's lightly buttered banana bread, his Great-Grandpa Dyment's favourite too. I frequently make one without nuts for Riku and his Grandpa and one with for his Dad, Mom, and Auntie Susan.

Speaking of Auntie Susan, I asked him at one point if he had been to visit Auntie Susan and Amelia the day before. Riku really listens and pays attention to what is being said and he nodded seriously and then added "and Kebin"... he and Kevin are great pals and enjoy each other's company a lot. I think they both enjoy being silly and encourage each other.

How lucky we are to have such a large and loving family circle here.


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