A Surprise Saturday Morning Visit

The door bell rang this morning and I went down to find a darling little face beaming up at me. Riku was bundled up in his navy coat, jaunty scarf, and a summer hat, ready for whatever weather came his way. Akane is not feeling well: she has the sore throat and cold that seems to be going around, so was home having a rest while Bryn and Riku hung out with us for a bit.

Some highlights of our time together...

... Riku loves playing with water in the sink, or anywhere, so the new plastic boat went into the kitchen sink and was filled and refilled with many pitchers and cups of water.

... Riku pointed out the letter N to me from the NO sign Doug put up in the kitchen while I was away. He now recognizes R I K U N O K B and somehow H... which none of us has taught him!

... we spent a good hour in the back yard, Riku busy filling up the big crock of water, placed there for the birds, with as many rocks as he can carry. His big truck was filled with twigs and leaves by the end of my gardening session out there. One of Riku's big pleasures these days is the ability to just wander in and out of the house and garden at will.

... After he "suggested" that his Dad go down to the kitchen, Riku and I enjoyed some time on the bed upstairs, reading the familiar "upstairs" books and sorting through the pearl beads in a tiny box.

... After his nap, Riku got his Nana and Grandpa up dancing in the kitchen. We are quite the sight! Riku loves it and makes sure we are all taking part in the wild and wooly dance.

How lucky we are to have this little boy just a quick seven minute walk away from us.


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