A Trip To "The Valley"

Doug wanted to give blood today at the Stanford University Blood Donor Clinic (they do lots of transplants there and are always in need of donations, especially his blood type), so after a quick morning nap for Riku, off we went. Riku extended his nap by snoozing a little towards the end of the trip, although spent a lot of time at the beginning of the trip naming things outside the car windows... trucks, cars, motorcycles (he has a way to say this that none of us can remember or repeat), and bridges, especially bridges, get lots of attention. Bryn and I spent some time during our car trip on Sunday "ducking" under the bridges, much to Riku's delight.

Riku and I decided to poke around the lovely outdoor mall in Palo Alto while Doug was at the clinic. We have done this before and Riku always enjoys the freedom to just wander in and out of stores (sometimes empty but there are always mirrors around to keep him entertained), stop to look at the flowers (really, he always does), slowing down long enough to say "Hi!" to various people, admire the fountains, and just have fun meandering under his own steam.

Back home at 6 p.m. Riku made it clear that he wanted to go upstairs to hang out for a bit. He sat on the bed playing with the loose pearls in a tiny glass box, something he does at least once a week. I pulled out a new-to-him jewellery box filled with necklaces of various shapes and colours, which kept him busy for another half hour, and then he had some time left over for reading and playing with his big container of plastic blocks from his Auntie Kelly.

Off he went with his Daddy at 7:15, tired but happy, after a busy and successful day away from the city.


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