A Wednesday With Riku

I thought I wouldn't be seeing Riku until later in the day today, if at all, so called Carol Woods at 7:30 to catch up with her; it has been a long time since we have chatted. At 9 a.m. we were still catching up! The doorbell rang and Riku was there, all big smiles, and ready to come and visit for the day. What a lovely surprise; Carol and I made plans to finish up our conversation next week.

Riku is still coughing a bit, and so we had a quiet day at home. He wasn't interested in going out to the garden, so we did just what he wanted to... I read books to him, "Small Pig" included as it has been a while since we read it. I was amazed at how many of the last few words of most pages he could fill in; he started doing this in Japan but we have been reading other books more frequently since then.

He wanted to "go upstairs, play with barn and chickens" so while he was busy moving the animals around and having the "grandma" clean up the barn (as in "Small Pig") I got some of the ironing done... mostly Riku's little shirts and pants and a few flat items too.

Bryn said Riku hadn't eaten much for breakfast at home... toast, and a little milk, so I made him pancakes, "bacon", and fresh strawberries. He really enjoyed dipping his pancakes into the little puddle of maple syrup!

We played with one of Doug's birthday balloons for a while, played hide-and-seek, and he drew as well. Nap time soon followed and Riku slept for an hour and twenty minutes. He wanted me to hold him for the longest time, which is unusual anymore for him; since I came back from Hawaii he has wanted me to put him down on the bed and then stroke his hair and forehead. Yup, it's clear he is not quite well. His voice sounds quite husky and his throat raspy and he's just not quite himself. Akane told me later though that he is much better today so that was good news.

After his nap Riku was ready for lunch; I gave him some soba noodles in broth with minced carrots, spinach, a bit of tofu, and some kabocha squash too. He ate all but one tiny bite of it, and a whole peach and more strawberries too!

We went back upstairs, I did a little more ironing while Riku went through all the upstairs children's books, one by one, very slowly and carefully, talking to himself about what was on each page. When he finished he asked me for "more books downstairs?" so I came down, picked up five more and he went through those as well. It sure was fun hearing him saying to himself "one green dog under the roof"! We did have a little snuggle too and read three of them right through.

Riku said he didn't want to go to the beach or the playground but I wanted him to have some fresh air. He had a snack of yogurt with blueberries and flax seeds, and then went over to one of the big drawers in the kitchen, tried pulling it open and said "cookies in there!" and yes, there are cookies in there. We pulled it open together and he ate two small ginger snaps and a digestive biscuit Susan had brought over the other day.

We left the house in the late afternoon for a stroller ride; I need the exercise and Riku needed the air, so off we went. There was a little wind, and he was snuggled in with a warm jacket and two animals... his dog from here and his lion from home, the first time lion has been over here.

Riku had told me he wanted to take "many animals" but I told him there was just room for two. He came walking out with many from his room, counting all the while he was in there... I wasn't listening carefully but I am quite sure he counted all the way to twelve, missing number ten! I am going to check this out in the next few days. I always count going up and down the stairs but, unlike Bryn and Caillie who started counting with me, Riku never has. Sounds as though he may know his numbers though!

Riku was asleep in less than ten minutes and I enjoyed my walk through the Mission, walking on the shady side of the street so Riku wouldn't be too warm. I walked over to 24th Street to buy oranges when he woke, walked a bit further, and then decided to call Akane to see if I should just walk Riku home.

Akane had been at the studio today and I was closer to their house than to mine. I had forgotten that Bryn was at his Japanese lessons tonight, so picked up two burritos and walked over for dinner with Akane. We had dinner together last week too; it works out nicely, especially when Doug is away as well.

Riku dragged all three of his boxes of blocks into the kitchen so we could play; I fed him the meal Akane had ready for him while we built a building and chatted. He is such an interesting little conversationalist! He ate a good dinner, and finished up most of it while showing me how well he is using the scissors.

I left him sitting with his mommy and scooted home to order my online photos. I was halfway through and the website went down, so now I am hoping I haven't lost an hours worth of work!


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