A Wee Visit With Riku And Akane

Akane walked over with Riku about 3:30 today to do some laundry and for a visit. Riku headed straight into the kitchen, saying "sandals" all the way in. Yes, he was ready to go right out to the yard and stayed there for two full hours, keeping himself happy and busy. He really wanted the hose, but I managed to talk him into watering my plants with a plastic pitcher instead. When that was done I swept the yard while Riku filled his big dump truck with pine needles. My yard is looking good these days with all the time we spend out there.

Riku had a few "firsts" today, the first of which was his saying "blue jay?" instead of his usual "bird?". Riku has learned to make a clucking sound, just as I do, to try to attract their attention. Wee Bryn did this same thing and I have him on tape clucking away.

I took out a collapsible chair I bought for Riku in Nanaimo, set it up for him and put a little wooden stool beside it with some snacks for him... his water bottle, a whole wheat Fig Newton, and some dried fruit. Riku was very pleased with his little picnic area and it was obvious to us how much he was enjoying it all. Akane mentioned that he was "in heaven", with the freedom to go in and out of the house, as well as spend all that time outside with so many ways to keep busy. Oh, we blew bubbles too. Riku can't quite blow them himself but gave the dipping process a few tries.

Riku "walked the beam" today for the first time. For some months I have been holding Riku's hand while he walked along narrow boards or walls. Sometimes Doug or I will do it as well, and it always makes him smile. Today the big smile was on Riku's face, as on his own he decided to give it a try and was very successful. He is very careful and didn't fall once although he did it many times over the afternoon.

We ended our short time together with a "splash" which is one of Riku's favourite activities... tub time! It is such a pleasure to sit on the floor beside the tub and see how he keeps himself busy. Tonight he was quite intrigued with Robin, the boy doll, and how they have certain matching parts.

Ah, speaking of parts... today I taught Riku where his shoulders are, and it was very sweet to see him point those little index fingers at those tiny little shoulders.

Bryn showed up to take them home, stayed around long enough for a little visit with us too, and off they went taking along a smiling happy little fellow. He had had a full and very busy day, as Akane told me later that he was in bed just after seven p.m. ... very unusual for him.


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