A Wet Fall Day …

It poured rain all through the night and continued on well into the early afternoon today. It hasn't rained this hard and long for months, and I was happy to smell the fresh clean air that always comes with the rain.

I am also very productive on days like this so accomplished so much this morning (after a long and very enjoyable conference call on Skype with Glenn, Don, Beth, and Gail)... finished the ironing, cleared away some more paper work, and dated more photographs, a big job waiting for me this coming week.

I spoke with Susan for a long time as well, and could hear Amelia making lots of new sounds and her boisterous and loud "busy" sound in the background. Apparently, Amelia decided on the weekend that it was time to get on with the walking, as she spent lots of time practicing in the hotel room in Vancouver. Today she walked from their living room to the dining room, turning around, and stopping to pick things up along the way! Wow! Can't wait to see her in action. Last week Amelia was reluctant to crawl, but wanted to walk along holding hands. This week has seen the next step in her independence, doing it all on her own. How quickly our little girl is growing up!

The rain let up at 2 p.m. just as I walked over to pick up Riku for a few hours. I took along a bright yellow raincoat and red rainpants, both of which we bought for Brynnie many many years ago. I rang the bell downstairs to let Akane know I was on my way up and as I opened the door I could hear Riku squealing away, anticipating my arrival on the third floor. What a wonderful way to be greeted this is!

Riku looked just as adorable in the raincoat as Bryn and Caillie had, and we set off to explore the six wet blocks between his home and ours. There was a dog leaning out of a window; Riku stood there smiling up at him for at least eight minutes. Next he discovered a drainpipe with a great long thin stream of water (see photo) and was very reluctant to abandon it for anything else that might be ahead. However, a very large leaf caught his eye, and of course there were lots of people smiling at this little fellow in yellow, meandering along in his rain gear.

Finally, back at home, Riku wanted time in the "garden" and out he went, stopping first to collect his cup and two plastic containers to fill and refill with water. I finished up the ironing, filling up his big container from time to time (the stones had a very thorough wash!), and then made him up a big bowl of hot cereal with berries. He really loves mixed berries and sat eating so nicely until the bowl was empty.

Tuck-in time and Riku was asleep in just a few minutes with his five bed buddies tucked into his arms. When he awoke it was almost time to drive Doug to the airport for his flight to Florida. I sat in the back with him on the way there; he snacked on some buttered toast and didn't really perk up until the drive home, when he spotted some huge letters on the sides of two big buildings. We are all so amazed at Riku's interest in the alphabet but also in his ability to name the letters and place them in the right places on his alphabet board (which he insisted on taking in the car with him, and balanced on his lap all the way to the airport).

At home, raining again, and dark by now, Riku played with his cars and trucks on the kitchen rug while I made dinner for him... pasta, a small bowl of sauteed mushrooms (I should have cooked more), a bit more toast, and applesauce for dessert, with cranberries and raisins dropped into it (Riku's idea), and scooped up carefully with his spoon.

Riku requested "splash" time, so into the tub he went, which is where his parents found him at 8 p.m. when they came to collect him. He was anxious to nurse, the minute he saw his Mommy, so I put him into his pj's and off they headed for home, with Riku rubbing his eyes. I'm sure he was tucked in and sound asleep not long after he left.

I had two horrible nightmares last night, so my plan is to go up to bed early tonight and make up for lost sleep last night.


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