Au Revoir Riku, Akane, And Bryn

Today is my last day with Riku for nine days. He and his parents are off to Ontario for a visit with friends and family. I have been talking to Riku for over a week about his going on a plane with Mommy and Daddy and telling him no, that I won't be going and no, Grandpa won't be going either. Now he tells me "p'ane, Riku, Daddy, Mommy, not Nana, not Gandpa" so it's all clear to him now. I have also been showing him photos of some of the people he will be seeing. Yesterday and today he sat on my lap for the longest time at the computer while I showed him over and over... Auntie Kelly, Uncle Gregg, Myk', Bryn, Bryant, and Caillie... and Uncle Frank, Auntie Beth, and Manitou too! He repeated all the names after me and does a great job with all of them. It will be interesting to see how he does with them while he's there.

Akane put him in front of the TV this morning and cut his hair while he was distracted. When I picked him up at 10:30 he looked just adorable. Akane does a great job with his hair and I love it when it's shorter; I guess that little face is just easier to see!

Today we stopped in to say goodbye to Lily, to tell her he was going to Toronto, and she asked if he was going to see Kelly; What a good memory she has! Lily talks very loudly and comes quite close when she's talking; she once made wee Bryn cry as he had never had anyone quite that much "in his face" before, but Riku just beams away at her and I believe he has won her heart.

On Tuesday I started playing the Raffi Baby Beluga CD for Riku and he is already a fan. Today he asked "baby 'buga?" when he walked in the door, so I put it on repeat. Whenever he realized that it wasn't that song playing he would raise those eyebrows at me and ask me for it again. We danced together to it once or twice with Riku in my arms, something he so enjoys doing. What a happy little boy this is.

The painters have taken the paper covering off the windows and today Riku climbed up on the ottoman to get a better and closer look at them at work. They smiled and waved at him which made him very happy, and he kept himself busy watching for about ten minutes.

Our intention was to go to see the sea lions today at Pier 39, but Riku napped for two plus hours, one of the longest naps he has had here. He also ate a big breakfast again, and that may have helped get him through what normally would have been his lunch time.

We did all of his favourite things today... went upstairs while he took apart Doug's puzzle box and investigated all the pins and name tags in it, sat in his tent and played with his plastic train set, and later sat on the rug in the kitchen playing with his cars while I ironed and finished it all off. Bryn had dropped off some laundry of theirs today, so that was done up and ironed as well.

Time for some outdoor activity so we headed off to the playground again. Once again he found the door open to the junior play room and played with a little girl and a little boy, not always happy when they absconded with the ball or the bead set. However, they left before we did so he had lots of time with them on his own too.

Back at home Riku asked for "pen? paper?" and kept himself busy for a half hour drawing almost perfect little circles and at one point carefully making a mark and then looking at me and saying very seriously... "e". However, Riku drew on the table for the first time today and on the windowsill yesterday; he didn't do these things until he turned two so I wonder if he has been sneak reading about the "terrible twos" and feeling he had better get going!

Riku snacked on some dried fruit and pine nuts on the way home and I popped him into the tub. I wanted to wash his hair in case there were any tickly bits on his skin from his hair cut this morning. He loves his tub so much and it was the perfect way to end his day here.

At 7:30 I drove him home and we played with his new Brio train set in his room while his mom and dad dashed about doing last minute packing. Finally we were all set to leave at 8:15 for the airport, Riku fell asleep two minutes into the trip, and was transported successfully into his stroller when we arrived there. There was time for Akane and Bryn to have a burger and some fries (which I helped with!) before heading to the gate and our goodbyes. The stroller had to go through the xray machine and so Riku had to be lifted out; he was just barely awake in his dad's arms when I kissed him goodbye.

Off they went on another adventure and I went home to wait for Doug's plane to arrive, due just an hour and a half later. There was a message waiting on the answering machine that Doug would not be in tonight after all, and after a missed connection would be spending the night at the L.A. airport, leaving instead at 6:20 a.m. for SF! Off I go to bed. Doug called just as I got upstairs; he is not expecting a good night's sleep!


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