Back To My "Thursday With Riku" Day

I PalTalked with all three of my sisters today. Candy is preparing for her trip with Rick to B.C., Gail is anticipating their arrival, and Beth filled me in on Skype, a free Internet telephone service, which she, Don, Glenn, and Candy (and now we) have all installed on their computers.

Riku arrived a little later than usual, and I was very happy to see that little face coming up the outside stairs to visit with us. I gave Riku a soft cuddly beige dog, which he instantly added to his current collection of favourite animals on his bed... a monkey, Brynnie's black and white dog, a white mouse and a smaller baby mouse, and the large squirrel that he adopted the week before I left for Boston. It makes me laugh to see him try to crowd them all into his arms to nap with him.

Doug and I took him off to Mission Delores Park. Brynnie and Caillie were very fond of the slides at this park; Riku was quite taken with the large sandbox area and several interesting pails and toys that a little boy was playing with. Riku wasn't too sure about a little fellow playing with his big truck, but soon realized the swap was in his favour.

Doug took him to this park when I was away and told me that Riku wasn't keen on the swings, but today he was delighted with his ride, although kept it fairly short. Back to the house for a wee nap after playing with his trucks and cars.

Our day was cut a bit short with him, as we left at 5 p.m. to attend a musical event in Danville with a couple from Doug's PEA group. We listened to bluegrass music outside a very busy outdoor plaza, where several other groups were playing as well... "Hot Nights in August". I am still feeling jet lagged, so up to bed at 10:30 p.m.


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