Friday At Home

This was an unusual Friday as I spent the entire day at home. I had considered going off to the Kabuki and/or using my pedicure certificate from Susan, but I settled in at various and sundry jobs around the house and ended up sticking to them instead.

It felt good to just sit at the computer and annotate the Japanese photos; it's time they were done! and it has been a longer and slower job because of the incorrect dates on the photo files. Next time I will set the camera to the date of my destination and not leave it in SF mode! I didn't get them all finished but came within fifty before relaxing with a cup of tea and watching taped Oprah's... also stacking up.

I continued with the ironing as well. I think the pants are reproducing up there as I don't seem to be coming to the end of this darned laundry at all this week! Since coming back from our trip I feel I have done more ironing than anything else and it is not my favourite job... but... thank you Oprah for reminding me... I am grateful to have clothes to iron, and electricity to do it, and family wearing the clothes... but I still wish there were less of it!

I had offered to sit for Susan and Kevin, as I haven't seen Amelia for a couple of days, and miss her. However, Susan and Amelia spent a lot of the day outside today... a three hour nap this morning for Miss Amelia, while Susan pushed the stroller, and then zoo time in the afternoon, so a quiet night at home and an early night appealed to Susan.

I called to see if Bryn and Akane wanted to go out for dinner or a movie, but Bryn was on his way to the park with Riku. Riku had a good day; didn't cry even a bit when Bryn dropped him off at school today which is so good to hear. He didn't nap until he got home with Akane at 2:30! but then had a good long nap.

It was almost 6 p.m. and I thought the playground might close at 6:30; Bryn asked if we wanted to join him there so we took the car instead of walking so we would have as much time there with them as possible. Good thing too as it was already closed and we were able to drive to Delores Park instead. It was a little windy and fairly cool, but Riku enjoyed climbing on the wooden play structure, going down the slide a couple of times with us, walking and exploring with Doug, and admiring a dog. The wind picked up and Riku was a little short of breath; he didn't like it a bit; it was also damp with heavy fog so it was time to leave. We dropped them off at 7 p.m. and came home for a late dinner.

Susan left an email message saying they had watched a movie and had dinner in the living room. Sounded like a perfect Friday night to me. Doug and I also ended up with a quiet evening in front of the telly; I cooked up some ravioli Susan had bought fresh for us at a local pasta store, added homemade tomato sauce and some good grated cheese to it, and I made a big green salad... taking it all upstairs to eat while watching a Masterpiece Theatre movie, and a taped Ed Sullivan show showing many of his guests from the sixties... the Beatles, Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, Jackie Wilson, Mamas and the Papas, The Rolling Stones, Credence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, Loving Spoonful, James Brown and others. It was great and brought back many memories. Doug had seen many of them live so it made it even more fun to watch.

Riku called at 9 p.m. to say goodnight. I smile every time I hear that little voice saying "goodnight sweetheart" to me and "see you tomorrow". I always hope I will...

Back down for more photo work and Doug got involved with redoing some of the PEA website, so we worked quietly away on the computers until after 12:30!


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