Garden Boy

Riku used to head for his tin box of cars and trucks when he first came up the stairs each morning, but lately he has been walking right to the kitchen door and asking "Outside? Garden?" instead. It was a little cool when he first arrived and I managed to interest him in the button box until it warmed up a bit out there. I wanted to sweep the garden, and it's more pleasant when the sun is shining.

Riku ate a big breakfast, his second of the day, and played with the button box for the second time. He likes to pour all the buttons on the kitchen rug, right under my feet at the sink, and then exclaim over all of them... "Big bubbie!", "Two bubbies!" (if they are the same), "little bubbie" and so on. Whenever he finds one with the thread still attached, he hands it to me with a big "oh, oh" and waits until I cut it off and hand it back to him. No dillydallying allowed.

After his morning nap out we went outside, me to sweep up the long and prickly branches of needles from the California redwood tree, and Riku to insist that I not put them in the recycling bin. He really wanted to fill his dump truck and/or my flower pots with them instead. Eventually we made some headway and once Riku was allowed to use the hose, that was it... I could do whatever I liked with the branches!

Today Riku spent about a half hour upstairs on his own... most unusual, as he almost always wants company up there. I snuck up a couple of times and he was busy playing with the big container of plastic blocks from his Auntie Kelly, quietly talking to himself.

Later in the day, we walked Doug to the BART station at 24th and Mission, and then stopped off at the playground on 23rd Street, Riku's "local", so to speak! Usually he plays in the sandbox but today the small room inside the building, where they offer sing songs etc. throughout the week, was open. Riku painted with blues and purples, made circles and lovely long swaths of colour, and climbed in and out of a nylon "house" with three "rooms". There were many other children there and Riku really loves the company of others. One little girl gave him a big hug which he happily accepted.

Back to the house for a long splashy bath, a lovely way for him to end his day here, and then a walk over to meet his mommy, who had been at the studio most of the day. I walked with them back to the house and left Riku ready to nurse, a happy boy indeed!


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