Good morning, Amelia; Good Night, Riku

It has been almost two weeks since I have seen Amelia; Susan told me on the phone yesterday that she had learned to clap, and clap she did today... many many times. Amelia clapped when she reached out to touch my hand, she clapped when a woman stopped to admire her and tell her what a sweetheart she was, and she clapped when she slid off Riku's bed all by herself.

This morning we had a lovely three-hour walk in Noe Valley and through the Mission District; I stopped by the Magdalene grotto at the SF General Hospital for the last half hour of her one-and-a-half-hour nap. Waking up smiling at the trees blowing in the wind, Amelia clapped when I smiled at her and then demonstrated her new skills to Doug at home during lunch. What a treat to see this smiling happy little girl again!

Bryn called after dinner to see if we would like to join him and Riku at the playground. We all walked over together and Riku was happy to roam around from the sandbox to the round-about (his first time on it alone, as the park was fairly quiet at this hour), up in the playhouse, and then a run around the green area. He has learned about chimneys so we looked for them on the way home, a scant commodity in SF. We stayed for tea, which meant that Riku had Grandpa read stories to him, as well as his Nana. Pajama time and then teeth brushing time, one more story, and we left a sleepy boy ready for his bed. It's good to be home.


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