Happy Birthday, Beth!

Well, today my baby sister is 54 years old! Hmm, guess that means that I am getting up there too. Hard to imagine. I never did mind growing older, and I guess just when I was at the stage where I could see how it might be disconcerting, Gilda Radner was dying of cancer and all she wanted was to live to have her 40th birthday. That certainly put aging into perspective, and I truly do celebrate every birthday I am lucky enough to have!

Susan had a couple of appointments today which meant that Amelia and I got to spend the day together! Susan had intended to come here between appointments to feed Amelia her lunch and take her for a walk, but I suggested she instead take the time for herself... see an early movie, have a nice lunch out, or just put her feet up and relax. I was so happy she agreed to do this as it was a warm and sunny day and Amelia and I had lots to do to keep us busy.

Amelia and I spent some time in the garden, which she loves to do. She played with water, had some snacks outside, and then we went off for her walk through the Mission District. It was a hot day and Amelia napped, despite the heat, for seventy minutes. Maybe not quite enough, although she is a child who always wakens easily and happily.

We came back home; I fed a very hungry girl lots of her packed lunch... spinach with rice, pesto pasta, a combination of fresh fruit, steamed carrots, banana bread, etc. After lunch she gave Robin a bath in the back yard, and puttered about until 4 p.m.

I walked over to Riku's with Amelia at 4 p.m. and we met Susan there soon after. She had bought inari (ginger and sweet vinegar-flavoured rice wrapped in fried tofu skin) for me in Japantown, and a few other food treats as well. We all had some time in the playground together, I scarfed down all five of the inari! but did have the discipline not to eat the other two dishes as well... kabocha squash and some delicious green beans.

Riku had a great time at the playground; he was a busy boy the whole time and I hope it was enough to help him drop off to sleep easily tonight. The best part of the day for him was his petting and holding the sweetest golden puppy... a pretty little gal... just before we left. He was so happy to have access for so long to this gentle little dog; Amelia would have loved her as well.

I took Riku home at 6:15 and dashed home, tidied up a bit, and checked Doug's flight time, due to arrive at 7:11 p.m. originally. It was going to be fifty minutes late, so I had a little breathing room here; time for a hot cuppa and to read the paper.

Off to get Doug but we had to wait a long while for his checked bag; Doug is not a happy man when he needs to hang around waiting for checked business equipment to show up. It took over a half hour tonight and he was tired after an early arising, and a long day following.

So, a busy day for me, but a relaxing one too, with all the exercise and playground time. I finished the day off with emails, a little reading in the living room, and off to bed earlier than usual... tired.


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