"K" Is For Riku!

Bryn is working from home this week, so the mornings are a little less hurried at Hampshire Street. Bryn rings the doorbell when they arrive here, and I dash downstairs to see Riku's little face pressed against the window, squinting through the glass to see my descent of the stairs. To see that beaming smile greeting me each time is such a treat!

A couple of days ago, Susan had passed on a bag of old red plastic movie marquee letters; they were at the foot of the stairs and were the first thing that Riku discovered on entering the house. He pulled out all four letters and walked over to Doug with two of them, saying "K?" and then "Riku", with confidence... and then "O" to which Doug replied that they were indeed a K and an O. Wow!!! We were just amazed and Riku so pleased about our amazement. He said it so sincerely and seriously; it was the sweetest thing.

It was obvious he was going to need a nap before long, so I cooked up a bowl of four grain cereal, and cut into it a quarter of a fresh, organic peach for him. This was a big hit! He repeated "Peach?" each time he scooped up a spoonful of it, and if he scooped up a large portion would say "Big!", nod, and manouevre it in. He also ate a half piece of whole wheat toast with butter, which he always enjoys.

I tucked him in with the monkey and the dog, his bed companions when he is here, and he was asleep in five minutes, for a good forty-five minute nap.

Doug and I had planned to take him to the small playground in Golden Gate park today, but after some time on the computer (he points out his red chair, starts hauling away mine from in front of the computer, and then heads into the living room for the "Pillow?" to boost him up closer to the keyboard), and lunch, it was obvious to me that he wouldn't last without another nap long before we could get to the park.

He and I headed off in the stroller instead to St. Luke's hospital; I had to have the TB test I had done on Tuesday checked out as part of my doula volunteer work. Bryn met us for a walk part of the way, so he could say hello to his little boy, and after he left us Riku stayed awake until after the hospital visit. He had a great time there, making instant friends with the receptionist, drinking water very successfully out of a paper cup whilst very nonchalantly walking around the office, and exploring this new place.

As soon as we left I told him it was nap time, folded up my jacket for a little pillow for him, lowered the back on the stroller and he slept, for an hour and a half! I walked through the Mission District very slowly, bought myself a coconut paleta, sat in a quiet spot near the SF General, read a magazine I had with me, and finally headed for home when Riku started to awaken.

Playtime upstairs in our bedroom (Riku loves my long mirror!) and some story time with the "upstairs books" finished off our day together.


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