Last Day With Riku … For Too Long!

Bryn dropped off my smiley little guy this morning so that his Mommy could get all her packing done and get a good sleep tonight, for their long long trip to Japan tomorrow. I was delighted to have this day with him, as all the laundry is done, the house is looking just fine, and all I really have to do is pack.

I made Riku a full portion of four grain cereal and I finished up my hot chocolate; Riku enjoys looking at magazines and/or the paper while he has breakfast, so it's a very pleasant half hour together. Riku wanted to stay there when he finished, so I gave him the button box to play with on the table. Today he had a big flat plastic container for them too, and spend his time transferring them from the box to the container and back again. Once again he handed over any buttons with thread in the holes for me to "cut?".

Nap time followed, and Riku headed off to turn on the "ocean" sound in his room while I shut the blinds. He is more than happy to crawl up into his bed at naptime, as he knows exactly what the routine is. I hold him in my arms and he asks for his animals... the monkey, two dogs, and two mice. Always. There is no room for more than these; his arms are full as he drifts off to sleep. I take all but the monkey and one dog from him before I put him down, although often I tuck one under his leg or foot for comfort.

Forty minutes later, on the dot as usual, he awoke and while I made some puddings, banana bread, and granola, Riku wandered in and out of the garden. Once again I put out his snacks and his chair for him; it is really sweet to see him learning how to boost himself up into the chair that is just a tad too high for him. He perseveres though, and is successful each time now. He walked the beam again today and I videotaped him doing so, for posterity.

I had glasses to pick up so decided that Riku could nap in his stroller while I ran errands. We were out for three hours and walked a very long distance, a perfect thing to do the day before a long plane trip. It was hot on the walk; I told Riku we were going home and he asked first for "water?" and I said "sure" knowing he wanted to play in the yard, and next came "hose?", not quite so clearly as "water", but understandable. I bent down to tell him yes, and he told a little story by saying "trees?" and pointing both hands held together upwards. Yes, by all means he could water the trees, and then he put his hands on his head, grinned and nodded, and yes, I too remembered the last time when he managed to get himself all wet. Communication is improving every single day now. Riku was out in just his diaper and rubber sandals today and looked adorable, watering everything in sight.

Tub time came next and a hair wash for both Robin and Riku. It's much easier for Riku to have his hair washed if we do Robin's first and it's fun too, as Riku does the rinsing. Next came a big dinner once again of whole wheat pasta with spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes, followed by a big portion of homemade applesauce and half a cookie. I think Riku is going through a growth spurt, as he is happy to eat something fairly hearty every two or three hours.

Akane, Bryn, and Brent came over at 7 p.m., just as the brownies were coming out of the oven, to take us out for dinner at a taqueria we all like a lot and rarely go to; Bryn's treat tonight. It was very nice not to think about what I was going to eat tonight; the day was busy enough. Our food was delicious; Riku is very fond of tortilla chips and had a couple of bites of a quesadilla too. That tummy is very round these days!

It was very difficult saying goodbye to Riku; I can't imagine not seeing him for six weeks and he will change so much. He knows he is going on a big plane with his mommy tomorrow but he doesn't know how far away it is taking him from us.

And here I sit writing, and I should be upstairs packing. I'm not going to make my midnight deadline as, instead of finishing up the kitchen work, I phoned two friends to say goodbye and then went out at 10:30 p.m to sweep the patio! That made so much sense too, as I won't see it for a month! The cool air felt good though, and as soon as I get the dishes finished up I shall go upstairs and pack.

Susan and Amelia will be here to pick me up at 8:30 a.m. for my 10:20 flight to Buffalo. This worked out very nicely indeed as I get to see Amelia again too; she just might be walking the next time I see her! In fact, I could bet on it.


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