Last Night In SF For Ten Days Or So …

Today we decided that we would leave for Vancouver tomorrow for certain, so it was a busy but relaxed day around here preparing for the trip. I PalTalked with all of my sisters this morning and spoke on the phone with Kelly this afternoon as well. Such a treat, as it is a rare event these days.

I did all the laundry, including the ironing, cleared out the fridge, cooked up some spinach and mushrooms, prepared carrots and celery sticks to take with us, as well as a fruit bowl, almonds to snack on, etc., etc. Doug picked up some vegetarian barbecued "ribs" to take to Gail, who likes them as much as we do, and the car has not only a new headlight but four new tires as well.

Akane thoughtfully invited us over for dinner, and we headed over to Hampshire Street at 7 p.m. Riku wanted immediately to play with blocks in his room, so both Doug and I took turns at this. Then he and I looked through a book of Robert Bateman prints, and read the new "flap" book I gave to him and his Daddy for Father's Day, called "Daddies Are for Catching Fireflies".

Dinner followed, a delicious pasta with fresh homemade tomato sauce, and a big bowl of mushrooms to add to it. It particularly hit the spot, as I had made a quick blender tomato sauce of my own today and put it in the freezer. Having spaghetti for dinner was just perfect.

While Akane and Bryn cleared up the dinner dishes, Doug and I took Riku for a walk up to 24th Street. Riku so enjoys meandering, picking up leaves, both "big" and small, collecting bits of paper to throw in the "gaabage", sitting on several sets of steps for a rest, greeting everyone who passes us, and looking around the store shelves while Grandpa bought a Coke.

Back home for cookies and tea, followed by nursing for Riku. We left him ready to be tucked in, after waving goodbye from the bedroom window.


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