Meeting Grandpa

Grandpa arrived home today from Houston at 10:15 a.m. and we had made arrangements to meet his plane and then spend some time with Riku on the Sky Train; the train travels between the various terminals, parking lots, auto rental facility and BART, our local train service.

The first exciting part of this adventure for Riku was the moving sidewalk, which obviously pleased him as he had a very large smile the whole time he was walking on it. It's one of the very smooth bouncy kind and I'm always tempted to run on them (and do when I'm the only one in the area). Then came the escalator; Riku stepped on and off three different sets, obviously proud of himself, and was very intrigued to see the stairs disappear.

Despite being more than ready for his nap, Riku was so excited waiting for Doug to show up. He would stretch his neck up and say "Bompa?, Bompa?". Finally Grandpa showed up and Riku immediately wanted him to carry him and hold him.

After waiting quite a while for Doug's bag to show up on the carousel, Doug and Riku went for a very long walk around the baggage claim areas, getting lots of attention with his big smiles. I took over at one point and we had another wander about, pointing out babies, and big girls and boys. He looked particularly fetching in his navy blue pullover and jeans this morning.

We managed to get seating at the front of the train, on the wide flat front portion with wonderful views of the tracks, the planes in the air and on the ground, lots of buses, cars, and of course people getting on and off the train. We rode it for forty-minutes, long enough that Riku had a snack of raisins and toast for extra stamina. He thoroughly enjoys those raisins! Doug and I both took lots of photos, so one day they will be up and posted for you to see.

He spent the rest of the day at home with Akane, until Doug and I picked him up at 5:15 p.m. for an hour of sandbox time at his local playground. It wasn't quite long enough for any of us, but we all had a little walk and some fresh air before Doug and I headed off to a movie, with a falafel sandwich for dinner beforehand.

The movie? "The Mother" which I was expecting to really enjoy and instead found myself not particularly liking any of the characters... very disappointing after the wonderful reviews I had read. However, I won the tickets, and it was a night out for us.


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