Monday Moments With Riku

Riku is learning so many new things, so quickly, that we are constantly amazed by him. Bryn mentioned to me yesterday that he has realized that Riku, the baby, has turned into Riku, the little boy. Of course, some folks have pointed this out to us earlier... how grown-up he seems to be in his photos, but there has been a big change over the past two weeks in his own little person. He's coming into his own distinct Riku personality and coming on fast!

Riku loves to dance; both here and at home he has little keyboards that he can turn on by himself (and turns them off when he has finished with them!) and then we watch him go. No one enjoys this more than Riku himself, as he always has a mirror right there to observe every step and arm motion. At my house he uses the lower oven glass window, and at home he has a full length mirror in his room. He claps, shimmies down low, and thanks to his Nana's disco moves, now thrusts his arms above his head occasionally. Riku doesn't want to dance alone though, and makes sure that he engages everyone else around in his dance routine. You can see him watching to see if there is anything new to add to his repertoire. What fun this is; he's been at it for a few weeks now, mostly at home, but the dance moves have really taken off from just the handclapping of a month ago.

Riku took his own sandals off today. He had been playing with tubs and cups of water in the back yard, and when he came in I asked him to take his sandals off. To my surprise, he immediately bent down, ripped apart the velcro fasteners and then shook them off when Doug put him on his lap. However, the second time I asked him, an hour or so later, he did the whole thing on his own, pulling them off his feet and looking very pleased when Doug and I both clapped.

While we were sitting at the table eating lunch he pointed out the "O" and "K" plastic signs, telling me what each was. Then I spelled out his name... "R I K U" and he immediately said "Riku". Wow!

Riku once again had clerks at the two stores we went to today totally taken with this friendly sweet little boy; he has flirting down to a fine art and always leaves his fans wanting more.

At naptime today, Riku decided to add yet another stuffed animal to his already full arms while falling asleep... a little white mouse joined the menagerie today and he walked around holding a new-to-him big fluffy squirrel with a great long tail. Someone in the past bought this for Brynnie I believe and it has been tucked away in storage. Today Riku made up for the neglect by kissing it, and holding it gently against him, walking around the house. My Mom would have commented on how loved this little boy is to treat his dolls and stuffed animals so kindly and lovingly.

Grandpa read Riku one of the new books he found for him in Nanaimo; Riku was very intent and looked hard for the ladybug on each page.


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