My Day With Riku, And A P.S.

Riku was late arriving this morning, so I managed to get a few jobs done around the house before his Dad dropped him off at the front door. Riku peers through the glass doors at me, and when he sees me coming down the stairs that big smile lights up his face. What a way to start a day!

When I put a little bowl of raisins in front of him for his snack, he peered up at them and said "coffee?" I did see how he could have made this mistake from a distance. He happily ate every single one, very daintily, with one finger up in the air, before eating his half slice of whole wheat toast.

Off he went upstairs to play with stacking plastic blocks in our room, and admiring himself in the mirror frequently. He now has a full length mirror in his own room too, which is great, as it gets a lot of use! Wee Bryn didn't ever bother checking himself out, Caillie did from the time she was the tiniest little girl, and Riku is just as taken with himself as Caillie was with herself. Interesting...

I always take this time while he plays upstairs to do some sorting of photo paraphernalia, so it works out well for both of us. He has a small collection of books up there and we often sit on the bed and go through a few of those too.

He had a forty-five minute nap holding both Bryn's wee dog (wa wa) and the monkey Garry gave him (Riku says "eek eek" for the monkey) in his arms for the whole nap. Then it was time for water play as it was just a gorgeous warm and sunny day. I took off his shorts and let him sit in the puddles in his diapers; pouring water from one big container, into a smaller one, into a big square one, over and over is such a grand activity for him right now. When he was finally done and the water had been replenished several times he surprised me by picking up a big cloth I had kept by the door (just in case) and wiping down his legs with it! Oh, he also put peanuts out for the blue jay and the jay came within a foot of him to eat, while Riku sat quietly looking at him with interest.

We went off to look for new sandals for him, but fifteen minutes after leaving the house Riku fell asleep, and stayed asleep for an hour and twenty minutes. I did wander into a couple of stores but could only find camouflage! sandals in his size, and nothing suitable anywhere else.

Akane picked him up just as we had come into the house after his snack in the stroller, and he wasn't happy to not have some play time with his cars, or run about for a while... I had to leave at 5:30... I'm sure he was very glad to get home with his mom to nurse though; the leaving for all of us was just a little tough today, due to circumstances beyond his control!

p.s. I went to a wonderful free movie with a friend, Maxine. It was an early viewing of a movie opening here on Friday. If you have an opportunity to see "The Story of a Crying Camel", don't miss it... set in Mongolia with wonderful acting, spectacular scenery and a story that is funny, touching, and oh-so-well done. The popcorn was good too!


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