One Last Day In SF For This Year … And On I Go To Ontario!

Today was a busy day from the get-go, as someone says! I showered, checked my email, dressed, and got rolling... sugar cookies that is, and gingerbread men... a double batch of each. Doug came down and said that it sure smelled like Christmas and it does for sure. I took time out to read the paper and have my breakfast at one point but it was still almost noon by the time I finished the baking, cleaning up and packaging the cookies for delivery to Susan's and Kevin's, with two dozen tiny gingerbread ladies for Amelia (she's crazy about them!), and the rest to Hampshire Street, where I believe they are going to share the extras (if there are any) with Bryn's co-workers and some friends.

I phoned to talk to the children in Toronto and they sound as excited as I am feeling about my trip there; we plan to make some gingerbread on Tuesday morning and go to visit Santa that afternoon. Can't wait!

Doug finished wrapping the gifts while I did name tags and found some extra gifts tucked away upstairs. This job too seemed to take more time than I had thought it would but in between I was doing the wash, tidying up, organizing the front bedroom for a guest in January, etc. etc... so I'm sure I was more efficient than I was feeling!

I always dread the actual deciding what to pack although this actually went much faster than ever before. I felt comfortable enough to leave it so that we could deliver the gifts to Amelia and her parents before they tucked her into bed. We were there slightly under an hour, just time for a lovely glass of red wine in the living room, with the Christmas tree glowing and Amelia being her charming, wonderful self. She was quite content to have Doug carry her around for the longest time, and then danced for us, with Kevin, Susan and me joining in. Such a character is this little girl; it was hard to leave her as I know there will be big changes in the month that I'm away.

Off we went to visit Bryn and Riku; Akane was out for dinner and Doug and Bryn walked out to get quesadillas for us, Bryn's treat. However, they came home to discover the two meatless versions had chicken added to them, so off they went again. Riku and I, meanwhile, were having a splendid time. He chatted away to me while I fed him some dinner Akane had prepared for him... rice, eggs, and carrots... and then polished off some rice pudding I had taken over, and had a mandarin orange to finish off. Then it was time for "cars.. Nana play?" in the living room, where another tree glittered and twinkled away. It was a lovely time with Riku; he is so full of thoughts, does lots of talking... today all about robots and fires and hurting heads that he had seen on a video this morning on tv.

He was happy sitting and standing on the sofa while we ate, and then went off for some water play in the bathroom, making a big splash on the floor "uh oh!" and continuing on. I had him in his pyjamas and had brushed his teeth first so he was ready for bed.

I hoped to get photos of both families under the tree but it just didn't happen tonight. Amelia was tired and had "hat head" her mom said, they were all tired after a busy day, and Akane came in with friends with their young daughter, and Riku wanted to do nothing but play with her.

I said my goodbyes there and now I'm ready to go upstairs while Doug does the final packing job. I've transferred emails, folded the last load of clothes and everything is ready for our departure for tomorrow morning at 6:15 a.m. Off I go to bed... as soon as Doug has packed us up... he's good at it though so it shouldn't be long.

One more sleep!


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