One Week Today …

I will be in Ontario with Kelly, Gregg, and the children. Hard to imagine as there is still so much to do here before leaving!

Today started out early with a 5 a.m. awakening from Doug for a trip to the airport. He is off to bitterly cold Detroit; I crawled back into bed at 6 a.m. with two warm "bed buddies" and managed to doze off until 7:30. Good thing, as the day was busier than usual.

Riku had his second year check-up today at 9:30 a.m. I was afraid that Riku would fall asleep for his morning nap on our way there, but instead he managed to stay awake looking at all the sights from the car window. I had done a little role playing with him about what the doctor would do to him; he is older and I thought might remember going to the doctor and having a needle. He sure doesn't like to see that long table covered with paper; Bryn said tonight it was because it doesn't come equipped with pens!... and this might be as that is one of his favourite activities right now... drawing circles and "roads".

Riku too the appointment in stride, getting his heart and lungs listened to, his eyes shone with a bright light, a pokey instrument in his ears (he didn't like this much), his tummy probed, and his throat and mouth examined too. However, he knew enough to look suspiciously at the woman pulling on latex gloves and preparing something for him, so Akane got him nursing and the Hepatitis A shot didn't cause more than a flinch and a little crying out... and then, back to nursing. Works like a charm; this was one of Kelly's secrets for handling those early shots.

Stats are: head size-95th percentile, weight-15%, and length 50%... with a predicted height of 5'10.5". Shall see how this stands in sixteen years. Next check-up is in one year. Whew! No more needles.

Riku and I came here after the appointment, for some play time with a big basket of newly discovered toys. After eating a late second breakfast of both hot cereal with berries, some scrambled egg and "bacon",it was time for a tuck in. He had napped for over two hours and was still a little dazed for a bit after waking. He perked up after lunch, played with his cars and trucks, and then we headed out for the playground at 4:30.

But first... big news! Riku said his first (I believe) seven word sentence today. We were looking at a book with a picture of a little boy waving goodbye to his mommy; he pointed and said "Buh bye, Mommy, see you later, okay?" Wow!

Riku spent 95% of his time climbing up the stairs on his own and down the little slide, but was in the sandbox for a bit with two other children sharing his sand toys. It is now dark at 5:15 and we packed up to pick up Akane for a trip to Costco. Luckily Bryn was home to help carry the bigger items up the stairs and he talked me into staying there for dinner, icicle hanging, and some "down" time. Riku and I played trains while Akane cooked up some pasta; we all sat down to dinner together and Riku, despite having eaten two tiny cookies, banana bread and "sluper food" (as he called his healthy drink the first time he had some today) managed to tuck away a nice little portion of filled pasta, an orange, and half a cracker.

Bryn did the dishes and Akane, Riku, and I hung icicles on the tree. Riku thought they should be shorter so tore them into bits, before stashing them close to the trunk. I guess at his level they were more easily visible there! I read a couple of stories to him, finishing off with "Goodnight Moon" before he kissed his daddy goodnight and asked his mommy to nurse.

The evening ended much later than I intended but with a game of "Spades", our first game in many many months. It was such a treat and I look forward to lots of cards over the holidays. The children in Toronto are game players too...

Sandy had her breast surgery today and Corey tells me that all went well, except for a mixup in one of the drugs they gave her, interfering with one she is already on!


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