Picnic At Baker Beach

Susan, Kevin, Amelia, Brent, Akane, Bryn, Riku, Doug and I all met up at Baker Beach today at 4 p.m for a picnic. This beach is just down the street from Robin Williams' massive pink house, overlooking the water and the bridge, so that was an added plus to the trip... always fun to see where the local celebrities live.

It was slightly overcast but the sun did shine through a bit eventually. Overcast is fine with most of the folks in our group though, so there were no complaints. Our "late lunch" was a little later than we originally planned, so we put the food out immediately and dug in.... potato salad, tabouli, Greek salad, three Acme baguettes, two different cheeses, some vegie "cold cuts, chips and Cokes, a thermos of hot tea, and homemade brownies, fresh strawberries, and grapes for dessert.

It was a busy and fun filled time. I walked Riku up and down the little hill a couple of times, coaxed him eating a little lunch (he really would rather play in the sand), and walked Amelia to the far end of the beach. She pays lots of attention to everything she sees... the dogs running and chasing after balls, people in the water, the bridal couple posing for photographs, and of course the waves and the birds too.

Bryn, Kevin, and Brent formed a triangle, passing a football back and forth to each other. Brent tackled the ball seriously enough that he dove into the sand after it, but was too fast to get a photo of him. Darn! It was impressive too!

Doug had some time to read, Brent filled us in on his life (he might be moving to San Diego, after delaying for several months), and at 6:30 p.m. we bundled everything up and headed home... 'twas a lovely day, it was!


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