Pier 39 With Riku

Today was a happily-anticipated day for Doug and me: we were going to take Riku on the bus to Pier 39 to see the sea lions. Riku is quite taken with buses, as most children his age are, and he was a happy camper sitting on my lap by the window pointing out all that he could see... motorcycles, buses, taxis, police cars, bikes, signs, little holes under the window, the long black hair of the woman in front of us, etc.

He had some running-around time on a patch of grass when we first arrived at Ghirardelli Square, and Doug placed him in the crook of a big tree, after Riku saw some big kids up there. He was happy to stand there for a minute but wanted down pretty quickly.

We put Riku in his stroller and walked to Pier 39, through the stands selling fresh shrimp and lobster, looking at all the tourists; it's very busy and Riku is happy to be part of the scene. Alas, the sea lions have gone off to the Channel Islands to breed and won't be back until the fall. What a disappointment! There was only one lone bull, very large, lounging around on the very back pier, so Riku still has no idea what a sea lion is.

Next stop was the carousel, although Riku had more meandering-around time first. Nothing he likes more than a free range, wandering in and out of stores, smiling at people, weaving amongst the crowds with no one holding his hand. He had such a good time and was so entertaining that Doug and I commented that he is just in practice for the entertainer he is cut out to be in the future! Riku waves and smiles and hoots and hollers happily drawing attention to himself and generating lots of smiles along the way. He looked particularly fetching in his new blue and white striped shirt from Auntie Susan and Kevin.

The highlight of Riku's day was the carousel ride; he started grinning from the minute he was put up on the horse. He sat holding the reins, as though he had known how to do this for a long long time. It may have been the jeans he was wearing from his two aunties in Japan that made him feel he was right where he belonged! We had a nice long ride, enough so that Doug got some video of him, but Riku was not happy being taken off that horse. Carousels are a once-a-month activity for sure.

He enjoyed his bus ride home and was more than ready for a thirty-five minute toes-up when we arrived! What a lovely day this was for all of us.


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