Pudding? … And Good Night Amelia

I walked over to pick up Riku at 9:30 this morning and we had our usual leisurely stroll back to our house. Riku started giving his mom a two handed wave over the past couple of weeks; we stop to look up at Akane in the window, and they wave to each other with both hands. It's adorable; we stop twice before continuing on our way.

Now we also stop at Lily's, the dry cleaner, so that Riku can tap on the window and give her a big smile and blow her a kiss.

The fork lift truck was in action this morning and so we paused long enough to watch the driver pick up some big lengths of wood from the house building site and place it on the flat ground down on our street. The driver was so friendly, gave Riku a big smile and a wave as well. Riku is quite taken with big machinery these days, so the new house has been a source of much pleasure lately.

Usually when Riku walks in the house his first word is either "Grandpa?" or "cars?" He knows that Grandpa is not home this week so today the word, much to my surprise was not "cars?" but "pudding?" It was so unexpected! I had taken rice pudding to the zoo yesterday, and he had eaten his little bowl full, but I didn't expect him to remember it or to ask for more. Luckily, I had filled one of the little Tupperware toy bowls with some at the last minute, before handing the bowl over to his dad that morning to take to work, so he sat down and had that for a breakfast appetizer. A half hour later he had his first "French toast" and really liked it. He is often not that fond of eggs and this seemed a good way to get some protein into him. The little trickle of maple syrup was a big hit too. A strawberry Vitamin C booster was his beverage this morning, a change from the freshly squeezed juice we usually make together.

Riku spent lots of time playing with his cars this morning, and before his nap we went through four of his new birthday books on the sofa. We talked about our trip to the zoo yesterday as well; we went over all the animals he saw and as he played with an elephant from his basket he repeated after me as close as he could come today... "epelent?"

Riku does enjoy hearing about things he has done in the past and nods solemnly when it's obvious he remembers. We talked about his patting a goat and a sheep yesterday, and he reminded me about the owls he saw, and the snake. It's getting to be such fun as more and more often we have little conversations about his days.

Today while carrying him down the stairs he spotted a dust web hanging from a grid in the ceiling. "Uh oh!" says he as he pointed it out; it took me a minute to see it, as it wasn't very obvious, but we went over and got a long broom from the kitchen and brushed it down. This is a boy who likes order in his life. The cars get lined up carefully, the cookies just so on his plate, and everything tidied up as he finishes playing with it... almost always.

After lunch (a big bowl of pesto with mushrooms, carrots, and broccoli bits, a bowl of applesauce and a small alphabet cookie), Riku asked "Riku go to park", followed by "Nana moko?" (as close as I can tell) and of course I agreed that I too would be going. We took the stroller over and he spent some time in the little room at the playground, just wandering in and out of the plastic dome there, and practicing putting the ball into the hoop. There was just enough time for him to "run, run, run?" in the field before heading home for a short afternoon nap. He wanted to be held for the longest time today after his nap; it was interesting, as we must have snuggled for about fifteen minutes before he was willing to climb down from my lap and get busy again. Not typical behavior at all but I enjoyed every minute of it.

At 6:40 I dropped him off at home with his mom, and immediately drove to Ashbury Street for my first night-time sitting with Amelia. Kevin and Susan went out for dinner tonight after I volunteered to put Amelia to bed. Kevin had her all bathed and I gave her a little massage with some body lotion, which she relaxed with, and enjoyed. Amelia doesn't lie still for too many things!

After her mom and dad left, we read three stories, she turned out her light, and we settled in, settling her down. Her cold made it hard for her to breathe, but the humidifier was going, she was cozy and snuggly in her sleeper blanket, and was tired from an undoubtedly busy day.

It took a bit of rocking, stroking her back, and reminding her to keep her head down, but Amelia finally just settled in and let herself fall off to sleep. I tiptoed out, and read for an hour and a bit before Susan and Kevin tiptoed in. She awoke about ten minutes after they got home, and so I settled her again and slipped out the door, leaving three sleepy people ready for the night. A lovely day this was! I was in bed too within a half hour of arriving home.


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