Riku Time

Riku arrived nice and early this morning, which was great, as it gave him time to explore all his favourite spots in the house before his second breakfast and morning naptime. We went upstairs together and I dug out some well-buried toys. Riku was delighted with a new-to-him tin plane, a tiny bear from way back in his Dad's and Auntie Kelly's childhoods, and a boy doll named Robin. Robin was bought when Kelly was expecting a new sibling to join our family, and it was a boy doll just in case she had a brother... which she did! Riku is quite taken with him; they have the same parts... very interesting for Riku.

Grandpa had installed a new program on the computer for Riku, called BabyType, which Riku was just delighted to see. He already knows that each push of the slash key will give him a rumbling truck noise, along with a picture of a truck. The space bar produces a big coloured ball, and lots of noise; his other favourites are a car and a key, with a revving engine noise. A half hour of this a day will do just fine as there are many other things on his nineteen-month-old agenda!

New word today... "vacuum"... and he also pointed out which clothes belonged to whom as I was ironing. It was another gorgeous day here so Riku spent some time playing in the yard on his own, but mostly wanted Grandpa to pay lots of attention to him. He was happy to have me sit with him while we ate together, and put him down for his two naps, but in between he wanted his Grandpa to pick him "up, up" whenever there was a little break between other activities.

Last week I allowed Riku to pluck away at the (Chinese) "moon instrument" hanging on the wall of the living room, as well as a mandolin that originally belonged to Doug's grandfather. Today he wanted Doug to show them to him, and was as pleased as could be to be sitting on "Bompa's" knee strumming away.

We all went off for a walk, hoping Riku would nap a bit, said goodbye to Doug at the BART station an hour and a half later (no nap), and then Riku and I spent an hour in the playground. He loves being up in the playhouse now, although it's a little nervewracking for me as there are two places he could fall from too high a height!

Home for a quick splash in the tub and off he went home with his Daddy to see Mommy. We had a great day.


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