Riku Time

It's Tuesday, so we had our regular all-day date with Riku. Bryn dropped him off in just enough time for a forty-minute nap, and then Riku, Doug, and I went off with Akane for a visit to his doctor. He flirted with a woman in the sitting room and hesitated going into the office, choosing instead to flirt with her from a distance. It was very funny to watch!
After the visit, Riku and I spent some time together in the children's section of a bookstore in Laurel Village. Riku is so happy perusing the shelves, and was quite taken with a sticker book filled with pictures of tractors, ambulances, fire engines, big trucks, diggers, etc. but he looked through and at many other books too.
A twenty-minute visit to the toy section of Woolworth's was a big hit; there were several children around his age choosing small toys and demonstrating them, and Riku was very interested in being part of all the action. We bought some bubble liquid and alphabet letters for the tub.
It was lunch time so we all went off for a rare lunch out together to a Mexican taqueria on 24th Street. Riku is very fond of tortilla chips and daintily nibbles his way through the biggest one he can find in the bowl.
He was more than ready for a long nap once we arrived back home; it was a busy morning. Riku spent most of the rest of his day here outside helping me to water all the plants, one by one, with a small measuring cup and a lot of patience! He was thrilled with the big tub of water at his disposal, and after watching me water the garden with the hose, he knew just what to do.
I carried him home at 6 p.m. and he carefully carried home the four letters we had picked out of the alphabet package... R I K and U; he wasn't about to let go of them once we found them, so they will come back here another day, for bathtimes.
Doug and I went to an author's reading tonight at "M is for Mystery", a local fellow from Menlo Park, Barry Eisler; he was very interesting and entertaining and now I want to read the first of his very-well-reviewed three books.


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