Saturday Market

This morning at 9:40 Doug and I picked up Akane and Riku for a trip to the Alemany Market just outside the city; Bryn was at his three hour Japanese language course.

Riku was in fine form, as he really enjoys wandering through the market, often wanting go solo (although this is often difficult as it is so busy there). He often reaches out to hold hands though, and occasionally wants to be lifted up. Mostly he enjoys stopping to pick up a big stalk of broccoli ("Yum! yum!", says Riku!), pat as many dogs as he is allowed to, or just stop and say a big "Hi!" to random people. They almost all respond to him at this market and with big smiles directed right back to him. Such a social butterfly is our Riku!

We bought mushrooms, kiwi, daikon radish, cheese curds, pecorino cheese, dates, oranges, raspberry jam, Yukon Gold potatoes, and a big bag of "kettle corn". I made the mistake of telling Riku he could have some popcorn and of course he wouldn't hear of eating anything else in the car. At least he ate the entire container of oatmeal and mixed berries I had taken along with me; he polished it off in the car on the way to the market. So he and I sat happily nibbling our way through the popcorn, and once we reached his house I went upstairs to put some in a bowl for him and in a bag for his parents.

Riku was ready for a nap and Doug and I headed off to a movie, a Chinese action film called "Infernal Affairs"; it was well acted and I liked it although I did think that I could have gotten a lot done at home during that time! Doug and I finished the last of the popcorn though, and it's always relaxing to just sit back and be entertained.

We had an hour at home before dashing off for a house party at a friend of Doug's. I had made Nanaimo Bars in the morning to take along and we both enjoyed the wide variety of main course dishes waiting for us... a pasta dish, two vegetarian soups, a Thai noodle dish, a delicious quiche, olives, and the desserts! There were more of them than main dishes, I think, although I just indulged in some dark chocolate a couple of hours after dinner was over.

The best part of the evening was meeting the mother of a darling little five month old boy named Liam. I had met his parents once before but tonight really had a chance to chat with her. She invited us over to see a movie on Saturday so I will see Liam once again... what a treat to look forward to! Home at midnight.


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