"Something Like That"

I was sound asleep at 7:30 this morning, dreaming about putting a big vase in the corner of a vestibule, and having it fall, when the phone rang and got me out of the fix I was in! It was Judith, calling from Delaware; I had told her I am always up by 7 a.m. and she took me at my word. Normally, that is a good rule of thumb...

Judith has been very busy travelling... out to Vancouver to attend a delayed wedding reception for her youngest son Daniel, and his wife, who were married in Mexico a few months ago. And she is on her way to Prague and the Swiss Alps soon, so it was a good time to catch up with all our news.

Riku arrived at 9:15, big smile in place, and he said "hello", answered "yes" very clearly to Judith's questions, and said a very nice "buh bye" to her too. It sure would be fun to share my grandson with all of my friends one day!

I hadn't showered, so we went right upstairs. "Riku help" make my bed, straightening the covers on his side and then was quite happy sitting on the bed watching a little TV while I took a quick shower. I had put the farm up on the bed as well, so he could putter with it. He wasn't that thrilled when I turned the TV off immediately after I dressed. He did see Barney and some children making a big castle out of "many boxes!" though, so it was no doubt lots of fun for him to watch.

We came down for his breakfast, and mine too. Riku had hot cereal with fresh peaches, and two slices of "bacon", while I ate my one egg, two pieces of toast, and "bacon" as well as my hot chocolate. Oh, Riku had two tiny cups of hot chocolate too, which he insisted on calling "hot sholacolate tea"! He had a side dish of strawberries and grapes as well.

Riku was coughing a lot today, much more than yesterday, so I decided to pass on taking him to Ocean Beach to join Susan and Amelia. Too bad, as Susan said later it was one of the warmest days she had ever spent there. It can be windy, though, and I didn't want to take the chance. Akane said he had a hard time sleeping last night with the coughing, so I was glad I hadn't taken the chance.

Riku had an early nap today; three times this week he has slept in the late morning. He wanted "allbody" in bed with him again today, but as soon as he is asleep I pulled away all but the monkey, as he gets too warm when he is sleeping. He slept an hour and a half and was a happy fellow when he woke.

Riku ate a very good lunch for someone who isn't feeling that well (his nose is still running today); he polished off a good sized bowl of mac' and cheese with spinach, mushrooms, and lots of tomatoes added to it. Later on I made him some fresh orange juice; he ate more fresh fruit and four small cookies (he likes ginger snaps the best).

We had a busy day at home. We sat at the table while he drew; he played with the buttons for the first time in a long long time, used the peg board, which has been put aside for some time; he sat on the chesterfield and quietly leafed through his living room books; and we looked at his "favourites" on the computer: Chudleigh the dog from the greeting card service I use, and a funny one he used to see a lot when his parents were still living here (and I rediscovered the other day). RIku always takes time to stop and look at the photos on the computer screen as they go by.

Mid-afternoon, he got really really silly! He knocked all of the bears off the settle, and then came in saying "Oh, there is really big mess in there!" When I asked who made that big mess he 'fessed up by saying "Riku make that big mess!" When he was putting the buttons back in the button box, he noticed a little strip of paper that had been torn off (he did this long ago). He asked "Who tore this paper off" and when I turned the question back to him his reply was "Auntie Kelly did that!" I laughed out loud, as it was the last thing I expected him to say.

Akane had a doctor's appointment today, and she and Bryn had lunch at the studio together. At 3:30 she arrived with the stroller to pick Riku up, but sat for a bit watching him with the buttons for the second time today. As soon as he knew it was time to leave, he became a little whirlwind, running around at top speed, saying "I open all the drawers!" and opened the kitchen drawers before running into the bedroom saying "I throw bears on ground!" and threw a couple before I caught up to him. Then he dashed into the living room, throwing two stuffed animals off the stool onto the floor... crazy! but funny too.

I decided we would walk home with them, as we needed bananas anyway, as well as a walk. Riku and I raced two blocks down a hill to "beat" Akane and Doug who walked the more level blocks. That was enough energy for Riku to exert as he had Doug carry him on his shoulders the rest of the way home. Riku had asked me for a banana today, and we didn't have any, so he ate 3/4 of one we bought on the way back to his place. Grandpa took him up and Riku tried to convince him to stay "Grandpa stay play with Riku", shutting the door behind him and then leaning against it! I was smart enough to stay downstairs and by the time Doug arrived Riku and Akane were waving out the window at us.

My kitchen was a mess and I had too much to do, so instantly made tea and went upstairs to escape it all! I watched a couple of taped Oprahs and finished my second Ayelet Waldman mystery, enjoying the leisurely time reading and dozing off a bit too, ignoring the work awaiting me downstairs. Finally, at 7:30 I dragged myself downstairs, cooked up some delicious ravioli Susan had kindly bought for us last week, sat with Doug eating big bowls of it with my sauce, and then cleaned up the kitchen.

And here I sit... lots of photo annotating and arranging to do, and I plan to go to bed early tonight as well. Tomorrow I do nothing but letters and photos and maybe emails!

Oh, while Riku was drawing, I guessed that the big winding oval was a road. So I asked, "Riku, is that a road?" to which he replied "Something like that!" Blow me over! Riku makes me laugh so very often. What a sense of humour he is developing, and has been for some time. Just a lift of those dark eyebrows can make us laugh out loud.

... and one more sweet thing to make a note of: while napping today Riku leaned over as he was falling asleep and kissed me on my cheek, twice.


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