Thursday … Already!

My, how this week has flown by! I had the morning to continue on with my never-ending paper work, but didn't get much accomplished once again. Candy called and we had a nice long chat, catching up on news of Michael, and my notes from Japan, and our lives in general. Glenn called on Skype but I had a terrible time with my voice bouncing back at me, so gave up, leaving he and Doug to try to solve the problem.

I had two newspapers to read this morning as I dashed out yesterday morning before reading it. I enjoy this time with the paper but it does eat up my morning at times.

Doug came with me today to pick Riku up from school; we took a different route there to see if it was any shorter. It isn't, but it is faster, as there is less traffic. Riku was happy to see his Grandpa at the door! and came out dragging his little bag behind him.

He didn't want a bite to eat, didn't want anything to drink, didn't want to sing any songs, and despite my being in the back seat with him (the idea of Doug's going along was so that I could sit with him and keep him awake for a nap in the house). Giving him his "snack" while Doug drove would have made the trip home faster, but Riku was sound asleep within five minutes of leaving school. Too bad as I think he has a better quality sleep lying flat in his own bed, and not slumped in the car seat.

I dropped Doug at home, and drove around to a shady street in the neighbourhood. Riku slept for one and a half hours and I read. He woke still not fully rested, his eyes were rolling around, looking bleary but he wanted to come home. I was hoping he would nap an extra half hour with the car moving so Doug came out and we drove to Colma to pick up some things out there. I had hoped to connect with Susan and Amelia at Marina Green today but it was not to be. I should have driven out there after dropping Doug as the extra drive out there would have been just right timing wise.

Riku was quiet but happy to be with us in the car; we went to Target and he had a great time wandering up and down the toy aisles, saying "what is this" and "where did this come from?" He chose a nice big beach ball for the playground; I asked him what colour he wanted and he said "not the red one, not the blue one. Riku want the green one."

Doug and I had decided to have a very early dinner at "Fresh Choice", conveniently located in Colma. We both had huge plates of salad fixings, and enjoyed their mozzarella with basil and sauce pizza; the best they have ever had there. Riku had a few bites of mac' and cheese, and a couple of squares of tofu, but ate almost a whole, but quite small, cornmeal muffin.

He likes them as much as I do! Home at 5 p.m. for some play time upstairs. Riku is far more interested in the farm and the camper these days than in his cars, and keeps busy moving the farmer and the little people around, as well as the animals.

Bryn came by about 6:15 p.m. to pick him up but stayed until 7:15, working on a game of Sudoku before leaving. Meanwhile, Riku had decided we two should "come downstairs now Nana; let's roll around on the bed!" which means he wants to "wrestle" really. Today he asked "where the blankets?" as he likes me to cover him up and roll him over and then tries to do the same with me. I cover the wooden slats with pillows first, as I have visions of front teeth or a small head bashing on them as he rolls very quickly about on his bed, laughing out loud and shrieking away. What a funny little boy he is!

I don't like to send him home all riled up, and it surprises me how quickly he will calm down. He put the rubber rings onto the five coloured sets, all correctly done, and then he did ask for all of his trucks and car baskets to be put up on the bed. "Too heavy, Nana do it!" although he struggled and succeeded in getting the smaller basket with the wooden cars in it up himself. We were busy doing that when Bryn came in to collect him. Riku automatically "throws" himself into my arms to delay his leaving for a minute, but it's all done as a joke.

We have been practicing saying his full name and he will say "Riku Dyment" 9 times out of ten. The other one he says he is two!

Doug and I watched a taped British mystery movie, worked on some emails, and went off to bed at 11:30.

My 901 photos arrived today! so I have that sorting job ahead of me on the weekend.


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