Thursday … Too Hot!

After the hot hot day yesterday, Akane and I decided it would be wise to get out for a walk early in the day, so I met them at the house at 9:45. Riku wasn't too keen about getting in the stroller so he walked for many blocks, exploring all the new things along the way to Joseph Schmidt's chocolate store. We convinced him to get into the stroller after I carried him several blocks and soon Riku was fast asleep.

I was very hot and hungry by the time we got home. Riku came along with me too so we had a nice lunch with Grandpa, and Riku had some water time in the garden before his nap in the afternoon.

I have been singing the "ABC" song for several months and Riku has just recently started saying "WXY". Today, for the first time he finished it off completely by adding the "and Z". It's interesting to see how fascinated he is with letters. He and Doug sat on the bed yesterday morning and Doug was just so amazed at how well he puts the letters into their right slots on his alphabet board.

Our day passed too quickly, ending up in the bedroom upstairs, while Riku played with my jewellery box and his blocks. Bryn came to pick him up for dinner at 6 p.m. and I was sad to see him go; I really missed my days with him while we apart and feel I am still catching up.

Gail went into surgery today at noon and I was anxiously waiting to hear from Tom as to how things went. Finally at 7 p.m. I called him and learned that Gail was in and out of surgery in just forty-five mintues; they stretched the opening to the bile duct and may have cleared away a couple of stones from the area. Gail was home and in pain and I spoke with her for only a few minutes.

I called Candy to fill her in and we had a long talk catching up on all our other news (amongst other things, Jen' and Pat have an offer in on a new house). I had developed a sinus problem sometime during the day and felt really miserable a couple of hours after Riku left. I was happy to go upstairs and sit in bed catching up on some taped shows with a hot compress and some hot lemon juice. Yuck!


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