To Market, To Market …

This morning, before getting out of bed, I spent a few minutes thinking about Auntie Rita and her special place in my life. One year ago today we lost her and it's still often hard to believe. I had a rare morning cup of tea, toast with almost-the-end of Auntie Rita's perfect blackberry jam, and thought more good thoughts about my special times with her.

Bryn had a breakfast meeting this morning. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the farmers' market was calling; Akane and Riku were happy to accompany us, but first I walked over to get Riku while his mom napped and showered.

We enjoyed our long leisurely stroll back here, inspecting all the various bits and pieces on the sidewalk and around the trees, finding a heart-shaped rock, and today's best find of all: a very unusual seed pod. Riku was a little worried about it at first, but was soon showing it off to Doug, along with a tiny red seed that fell out of it.

Oh, he stopped to wave to Lily, our local dry cleaning lady, and blew her a kiss too. This has become a ritual on our walk between Hampshire and Rhode Island Streets.

Riku had a big bowl of oatmeal and strawberries, played with his cars and trucks for a bit, and then settled in for a forty-five-minute nap. He decided at one point, just before closing his eyes, that he wanted to have a BM... and so up he got and sat on the toilet for a couple of minutes. I think it was just a delaying tactic and it worked. However, I don't want to discourage this behaviour at all; it's just starting to be of interest to him.

We picked Akane up and headed for the Alemany Market around noon; a few of the stalls had closed, but it's certainly a quieter and less crowded experience later in the day. There were lots of bargains too, as closing time drew nearer. I bought plenty of persimmons, ten small but very red and ripe organic pomegranates (wee Bryn and I share a passion for these), and some tiny newly picked red potatoes; Doug added cheese curds and Medjool dates.

Riku was tired and ready for some lunch and another nap when we dropped them off at 1:30; Doug and I headed off to a double feature at the Balboa... a wonderfully acted British film called "Stage Beauty", about men playing the parts of women during Shakespearean times... and "p.s." which was a bit far-fetched but again wonderfully acted by Laura Linney.

We stopped for burritos on Mission Street on the way home, a favourite place where the burritos don't contain rice, and so are a little lighter. Perfect.

Home to emails and photo work on the computer... and back to my blog after a certain sister, who shall remain anonymous, wrote an email making me feel very guilty about my neglect the past few weeks...


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