Tuesday With Riku

Riku is learning so much so quickly these days; I write these new skills down each day, as I know I would soon forget just when most of them took place.

Today Riku was playing in the kitchen with a set of five stacking/nesting cups that Gail bought him for his bath last year. For the first time, he brought them into the kitchen and started stacking them. Then he decided to nest them and it was the most amazing thing to watch... he put them all in a circle and then attempted to put one inside the other; he got two right immediately but twice put a bigger one on top of a smaller one. Riku knew that this wasn't right and so picked up the next one to try. He was very methodical about it and I was amazed at how quickly he figured it all out. There was no question that he knew how it should look when it was done, as he sat back with quite a look of satisfaction on his face when he had finished with it. Wow!

Tuesday is ironing day around here, so I set up the board and went off to get the clothes. When I came back Riku had started to place his cars on the board, and thought it was just a great little platform for one of his favourite activities, playing with his cars. The ironing was done after he moved on to something new.

Riku knows his Grandpa is missing (he's in Phoenix) and a few times today would look over at Doug's chair at the computer and say "Bompa?" They are quite a pair those two... a mutual admiration society for sure.

This lovely day ended with okonomiyaki prepared by Akane; Riku sat at the table with us, eating his tomato slices, spinach with sesame seed paste, and long slim noodles with seasoning, oh-so-nicely with his spoon.

Actually the day ended with my losing at the first game of cards we three have played in too many months, but I thought it wasn't worth mentioning...


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