Two Hours With Riku … Friday Night

Doug and I were invited over to Hampshire Street tonight (Doug for a blogging lesson... how to process photos for my blog) and me for a coconut macaroon and tea. Of course it was also for an end-of-the-day visit with Riku for both of us.

Riku entertained me by pointing out covers on various CDs and then imitating the pictures on each... opening his mouth wide for one, stamping his feet with another, and the funniest one... arching his back waaay back and stretching his arms over his head. He also did his first donkey-kick demo and I was amazed at his balancing skills. He laughed out loud when I crawled on my hands and knees under his Dad's and Grandpa's legs, to follow him around the coffee table. We played with a new car and bus in his room and he pointed out and said "engine" for the first time to me. Akane has been pointing out engines to him in the big automobile books he has been so taken with the past two months or more. He happily shared my macaroon with me, and then accepted kisses goodnight even though he was very anxious to go to bed and nurse. A little Riku time was the perfect end to a busy day.


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