Two Unexpected Hours With Riku And Bryn

Doug and I went off to see a movie this afternoon; it was "The Clearing" with Robert Redford and Helen Mirren, a drama/thriller, which we both enjoyed, mostly because of the superb acting.

Akane was at the studio working; Bryn and Riku had been to the zoo in the afternoon, and Bryn called asking if we would like a certain little someone as company for an hour or so. The answer is always "Of course!" Riku had had a long nap in the car and was still a little dozy, but soon perked up and got busy doing all his familiar favourite things at Nana and Grandpa's house.

He went upstairs to play in the bedroom since Grandpa was up there alone just reading; I'm sure he didn't want Grandpa to be by himself. Riku obviously spent lots of time playing with his plastic blocks, since my bed was covered with them, and Grandpa read a favourite story about cats to him too.

Bryn stayed on as well... reading, having a Coke, and chatting. I started making another cheesecake and Riku came down to sit on the counter, taking much pleasure in watching the bowl go around and around, and taking part in it all. He also pointed out the "K" and "O" (now sitting on a bookshelf in the kitchen) to his Dad, who was very proud of him!

Soon it was time to leave to meet Mommy, but not before Riku had some water time, playing in the kitchen sink; he sat there for the longest time taking such obvious delight in filling up the rubber stopper, spraying the water around using the spray wand and splashing it all about.


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