Two Visits Today

Riku dropped by this morning with his mom and dad, just long enough to get out of his light pants and shirt and into a Hawaiian cabana set. He looked adorable and was very happy to be outside with his tummy bare and even happier that the hose was available for his use! How Riku loves the back yard. They were here for only forty minutes or so and Riku was outside all that time (except for a short dance break), before heading off to run errands.

Later on, I invited them over for dinner, since I had made a huge portion of mushroom stroganoff. Some went over to Susan and Kevin for their dinner and after Riku had a little more time outside playing, we polished off the rest of it here. We even had a few minutes to smile at Amelia when she showed up with her dad for the pick-up.

Two nights ago I put together a little photo book for Riku with pictures of some of his family members and friends. Doug did the printing in it and today we had it laminated; Riku was delighted with it, and as I said goodbye to him at the car, he was busy pointing out his very good friend Lara to me.


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