Two Wee Ones Today

I phoned Susan this morning to see if Amelia could come by for a play date. I was lucky... her mom had some errands to run, Amelia needed someone to play with, and I needed a little one to walk with. We seem to have a very nice little symbiotic relationship going here.

Amelia is much more mobile now and it's fun to watch her scoot around from room to room, disovering new things in each one. Today she pulled a few bears off the settle in Riku's room, played a little keyboard and percussion in the kitchen, wandered into the living room to glance at a few books on the coffee table, and scattered the various chickens from place to place.

Big events today... Amelia managed to get up two steps on her own; the bottom one which is much deeper than most, so I was very impressed! She also turned herself around to slide down off Riku's bed, another first for her here. Susan did tell me that she managed to get both up and down off the low coffee table in their living room, so she had been practicing!

She and Doug sat and had lunch together and what an appetite she has! Amelia ate a whole serving of carrots with nori crumbled into it, a small container of mango bites, a good sized portion of my homemade applesauce, and some toddler "circle" and "teddy bear" snacks to top it off.

All three of us went for a walk in the Mission District and Amelia managed to stay awake for about a half hour on this gorgeous sunny day. She awoke just in time for her Mom's arrival at 3:30.

At 6 p.m. Akane, Bryn, Riku, Doug, and I went off to San Mateo for some grocery shopping, followed by dinner at a Sichuan restaurant, new to Doug and me. Riku and I explored while the others went to the grocery store, and we discovered a great fountain. Riku spent at least ten minutes admiring it and dipping his hand under the spout. What little things bring this boy joy!

After dinner, while his parents sat at an outdoor cafe for a bit, he entertained Doug and me by marching along the sidewalk, greeting everyone who passed him with a big "Hi!", waving his arms about, playing on the keyboard at the bank ATM for quite a long time, stomping on the grates around the trees (laughing when we did the same), and just generally enjoying every moment of time, as only Riku can!

A sleepy boy fell asleep on the way home...


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