Wednesday With Riku And Amelia

It was a lovely morning today; I had told Akane I would take Riku so she could run some errands and get started packing for the trip to Japan. Rather than have Bryn drop Riku off, I went over to pick him up, thinking he would enjoy the walk back to our house. Good decision; the sun wasn't out yet but the air was warm. A seven-minute walk to his house took thirty-five minutes on the return, but Riku saw things on that trip that I missed out on... all the holes in the bottoms of houses, and which required inspection, people to stop and say "HI!" to, including the homeless fellow with the cane. Riku was so intent on striking up a conversation that it worked, and we left the man waving goodbye to this little diplomat. And of course I hadn't noticed just how many stoops there are to sit on between Hampshire Street and Rhode Island! The bridge over the highway took an extra long time to cross as Riku stood for a long time watching the big trucks, the red cars, and the motorcycles pass underneath us. There were two especially big hits on the way home though. The first was a house just down the street from us being painted and there were six ladders, and six men on them, which meant we spent quite a long time staring up in admiration at this wonderful sight.

The street before ours is very steep, with stairs for a sidewalk and cobbles for the road surface. Riku spotted the steps and decided that was a route worth taking so up and up and up we went. I kept asking if he wanted to turn around now, but "nooo" was his answer and up we continued. His instincts were right as there was a "digger" parked in an empty lot. And of course we explored it; we walked over the very bumpy dry dirt, with the tire marks firmly embedded, and Riku touched the tires, inspected the seat, and went forward to have a good close-up look at the big prongs at the front of the machine. Wow!

Home for a big breakfast... toast and cereal before naptime and then after having his post-nap snack of dried fruits he asked for "yogurt?" and ate all that up. I could not believe what he ate today! An hour later he ate his lunch, a small bowl of tofu and broccoli with a bit of rice, when I didn't think he would eat anything at all.

Susan and Amelia came by at 1:30 and with both children in their strollers we headed up to Mission Delores Park for a couple of hours. Riku fell asleep almost immediately (I'm sure it was that full tummy!). Amelia was as wide-eyed as usual although she had had a morning nap at home.

The park was lots of fun for both children; Amelia just loves the swings and what a hoot to see those legs moving and kicking in delight each time she swung back! This is such a wonderful age right now as Amelia takes such pleasure in every single thing she sees and does; that big smile of hers is contagious.

They played in the sandbox for a bit but the big draw for both children were all the dogs at this park. Susan counted twenty of them!

Riku loves to wander about and he ended up stooping down to watch some smaller dogs playing and running around their owners. Susan and Amelia joined us, and at one point Riku got up and just walked over and plopped himself down in the midst of this group of dog owners. He is a little nervous when the dogs come up too close to him, but from a foot away he is just smitten with them.

Amelia is happy to let them lick and sniff away and shows no fear whatsoever. She gets so excited when they come close; she is a dog lover, just like her Mom. We said goodbye to Susan and Amelia at 4:30; Amelia had a wee nap on the way home from the park and was awake when we got back here.

The rest of the day passed very quickly; Riku played in the yard with the plastic containers filled with water, and had a very long bath time tonight. He was naming so many letters with his bathtub alphabet that I was amazed at how many he knows. He also spent some time in the tub tonight straightening out who is a boy and who is a girl. We went through all the family members and many friends too, based on whether they had parts like Robin or not. "P" is for penis and it went from there...

I was very surprised at how much pasta Riku ate for dinner, as well as peaches, and a generous portion of applesauce not too much later! His next check-up will show a big jump in weight, I would imagine. We read some books together and at 8 p.m. I walked him home. Akane was out grocery shopping, and Bryn couldn't get his car out of the garage, so Riku and I had lots of time for stories at his house. "Good Night Moon" was one of them, and "Won't You Be My Kissaroo?", as well as one very large book filled with cars and engines; this is a better choice for Grandpa but I tried to be enthusiastic about the engines and the big red cars and trucks!

I left a sleepy little boy ready to nurse and go to bed.


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