Winding Down

This morning I sat in bed and finished off a book, "Winter Range"; it was a page turner, and the first I had read by this author, Claire Davis. It wasn't a mystery kind of page turner, but just a beautifully written book, with long and exquisite descriptive sentences. It was a lovely way to start my day.

The day was a lazy one. I had a leisurely breakfast, enjoying the sun shining through the back windows, and reading the paper. I puttered around doing bits and pieces of various things... tidying up a bit, but nothing too strenuous, answering emails, and mostly annotating photos, as Gail was very anxious to see the birthday album. Susan kindly sent off all the photos she had taken, and I sorted them into the right places. I worked on them off and on throughout the day and evening.

I had a bowl of Bryn's pasta salad for my lunch, with a chopped hard boiled egg on top of it. Doug didn't like the bell peppers in it, so passed, but we both had a slice of my birthday cake for dessert, followeed by a big hot cup (made by Amelia) of tea.

Bryn called to see if we would like to drive to IKEA in Berkeley with them, and I could sit in the car while Riku napped. They had company over for brunch and he thought it would be about 2 p.m. I suggested instead that he bring Riku over here and he could nap in the stroller; I needed a walk and Riku sleeps longer in the stroller or car these days.

About 3 p.m. Riku came bouncing in, ready to play, but looking pale and sleepy too. This is a boy who keeps going until he is put to bed. I helped him pull out the big basket of various toys from the laundry room, and fed him a big bowl of hot cereal, with blueberries and strawberries (at his request), and a container of Super Food. Eventually he is going to get tired of this drink!

I prepared some snacks for him and we set off for a "ride in the stroller"; Riku asked for his bread sticks, but fell asleep before we reached the corner! I wasn't at all surprised; he napped for two full hours and I was reluctant to have him sleep longer in case it interfered with his falling asleep tonight, starting him off on a vicious circle of going to bed too late, waking too early, and so on. So, I merely moved his seat up, which was enough to waken him. I hated to do so but...

He awoke happily though, thank goodness, asked for the bread sticks and fruit bowl I had taken along for him, ate every bite, and then asked for a banana. Next time I will make sure I have toast with me and/or a banana as well! We went off to the playground, which I had promised him when we set off, and for which I had taken along his sand toys. After a little while there, we left to call his parents, as I wanted them to meet me there. Riku needed a little more playtime, and I didn't want him unhappy if I dropped him off earlier at home than he was ready for.

Riku spent a lot of time in the sandbox today, ran after a cat who is often near the playground, but stood and watched him quietly when the cat stopped to groom itself in a corner. He had some climbing time too, and giggled when I wiggled my fingers near his tummy from down below the playhouse.

I hadn't taken a jacket with me, and was getting chilly at 6:45; Riku was willing to walk home with me, and I told him I thought his Daddy would be coming soon. Just as we left the playground, Akane and Bryn turned the corner; I left his juice and sand toys with them, and walked the empty stroller home.

Doug was hungry and waiting for his dinner, so I quickly heated up a commercial burrito for Doug from Costco, and I a bowl of leftover salad and some fruit; not sure why I wasn't more hungry, as I had walked for over two hours, but there was no point in eating more than that.

Both of us sat at the computer working on the birthday photos, although I also annotated and moved some others into albums when Doug needed to get into the album. The evening passed far too quickly!

Riku called at 8:40 to say goodnight. This was the most amazing call we have shared; he said hello very clearly, I asked if he was ready for bed, what he had for dinner, whether he had a tub tonight, and what book his Daddy had read to him. He answered them all on his own with no prompting from Bryn at all. It was wonderful! And of course, my favourite part of the call is always the ending. "Good night, sweetheart" says I. "Goodnight sweetheart" says Riku. "See you tomorrow, I hope!" was repeated as well. "I love you" from both of us, and big smacky kisses ended the call.

Gail wrote twice asking where the heck the photos were! and where was the blog?... so I got busy and managed to finish them both off before going to bed. However, it turns out she had given up on me and gone to bed after all!

Bed at 11 p.m.


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